Latest Update: 02/05/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New Animation Manager/Flight Manual which provides control over user preferences, payload and fuel, normal and emergency procedure checklists plus information on aircraft systems. Press shift+3 to display.

- Middle mouse click on any control to open the Animation Manager/Flight Manual to see a help page for that item.

- Prepar3D v3 support

- Added Flight1 GTN750 and GTN650 GPS support (the Flight1 GTN gauges are not included with the Eaglet and can be purchased separately from Flight1)

- Larger mouse click zones and improved mouse control of knobs and levers

- New Garmin SL30 nav/com radio simulation

- Improved transponder simulation

- CDI gauge for vor, ils and glideslope navigation in both versions

- New engine wear and maintenance programming

- New fuel consumption programming for more accurate fuel use rates

- New oil consumption programming

- New programmable emergency procedures failures

- Improved window transparency system (more levels and no need to restart FSX)

- Improved stall and spin behaviour

- New parking brake/wheel chock programming that locks the aircraft in place


- Prepar3D 2.0 versions included

- Various minor bug fixes

- In-game Animation Manager replaces standalone Drifter Setup program

- Seasky float version for water operations has been added

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