- run the Just Flight Scenery Areas Manager from the icon on your desktop or Start menu

- select the individual scenery in the list displayed.

- click the ‘Edit selected area settings’ button to launch the settings program for that product.

- when the settings program launches it will automatically check your current version and if there are any newer updates available.

- if your product is already fully up to date then the settings program will open normally with the "Scenery Activation" tab showing.

- if new updates are available it will start with the ‘Scenery updates’ tab showing and a button ready for you to click to download and install the update(s).

- repeat for each of your installed sceneries


The automatic update system means we can provide fixes and updates as soon as they are done rather than wait until there are enough to make it worthwhile packaging a large manual update.
 As updates will only be detected when you run the settings program, you need to follow the above procedure periodically to make sure you are up to date. Certainly, if you spot a problem in one of the sceneries it would be worthwhile doing an update check before reporting it to support as it may already have been addressed.


When running the settings program for a volume you can check what version you currently have on the ‘Scenery updates’ tab.

Here you can also check what updates you already have installed and info on what was updated by clicking the ‘View installed updates’ button.