Latest Update: 04/04/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


New Features

- VR Ready - all cockpit manipulators have been optimized for virtual reality in accordance with the Laminar Research Guidance for Authors, and tested with X-Plane 11.20vr6

- Now includes the ShadeTree Micro Aviation AutoUpdate(c) plugin - your copy will be automatically updated (when needed) every time you load the Cirrus

- New "Startup Cold, Dark and Healthy" option available from the Options pop-up menu. If you select this option, the switches, settings, etc. will be reset to a "cold and dark" state, and any failures will be reset

- New menu control system - you can now reposition and resize your menus, and their positions and sizes are saved when you exit. Position the small control icon anywhere on the screen.

- Persistent "save states" - (91) different preferences, options, switch settings, and weights are saved when you unload the Cirrus, and are restored when you fly the next time

- Autopilot now disengages when Minimums are reached - according the Cirrus POH, the autopilot will not engage or will disengage either below 200' AGL or when your Decision Height Minimum is reached

- Autopilot LVL function now turns on the autopilot servos and sets roll and pitch to zero (in accordance with the SR20 POH)

- New NORMAL textures for interior objects - to take advantage of X-Plane PBR rendering system

- The altitude number on the altimeter is now shown in steps of 10' (e.g. 1100, 1110, 1120, etc.) instead of one-foot increments (1101, 1102, etc.)

- New LEDs appear near the HSI on the PFD to show Course and Heading changes when CRS or HDG knobs are being adjusted

- Landing lights are now much brighter

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a problem where the ADF and NAV audio volumes were flip/flopping

- Now using the correct dataref for the analog gauge slip indicator

- Now using the correct dataref for the turn rate indicators

- Fixed a problem where the engine idle could go much too low and the engine would die

- Fixed misaligned glideslope indicator on PFD

- Improved the situation where the %Power needle on the MFD would jump wildly when mixture is reduced to near engine-quit state

- Small improvements to FMOD sounds

- Fixed some UV-map problems with some meshes on the interior

- Autopilot now uses standard X-Plane commands instead of custom commands

- Added missing HDR lights for interior dome lights

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