Latest Update: 25/02/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Technical Update 2.2

- Fixed – updated user manual to recommend to not turn off the smoothing feature if using Active Sky. 

- Fixed – air speed anomaly when using weather smoothing within auto mode. 

- Fixed – mini ui blocking some FMS gauges within some aircraft cockpits. 

- Fixed – saving the same community preset more than once. 

- Fixed – disabled texture settings if Sky Force or Texture Direct with Soft Clouds is not found. 

- Fixed – removed require for registration update if program is updated. 

- Fixed – removed sliders from automation window. 

- Fixed – previously created community themes that were causing program to crash.

- Added – option to close or open the mini ui from the main window.

Technical Update 2.1

- Fixed – Cloud swap issue when navigating simulator menus  

- Fixed – Day Cycle issue  

- Fixed – Dark ocean issue in automation  

- Fixed – Cloud swap failure with Active Sky  

- Fixed – Water looking bland during automation mode  

- Fixed – Turned off default for dense cirrus overcast at startup  

- Fixed – Shaders not being removed during automation mode  

- Fixed – Adjusted cloud coloring during automation mode  

- Improved – Lighting  

- Improved – Performance 

Technical Update 2.0

- Fixed – Shadows are saved to xml file

- Fixed – Visibility are saved to xml file

- Fixed – Debug issue with the use of PMDG Aircraft. Defaulted debug functions off and forced off when closing the application

- Fixed – Disabled arrow issue within texture sync for the day skies

- Fixed – Level of labels on cirrus morphing window

- Fixed – Saturation issues

- Fixed – Bloom/Brightness issues

- Fixed – Ground shadow issues with EnvShade

- Fixed – Fog mode

- Fixed – Lighting and HDR state issues

- Fixed – HDR

- Fixed – Cirrus cloud stretching issues

- Fixed – Validation issue

- Added – HDR contrast to mini UI

- Added – Option within mini UI to re-compile Environment Force HDR with no eye adaptation affect

- Added – Setting to turn on and off the mini UI.

- Added – Setting to clear out all backed up preset xml files

- Improved – Scene lighting – now supports preview and natural cycles

- Improved – Fog rendering in automation mode

- Improved – Support for multiple monitor displays

- Improved - Performance

Technical Update 1.1

- Fixed – HDR issues.

- Fixed – PBR issues.

- Fixed – Bloom issues.

- Fixed – P3D CTD issues.

- Fixed – Reworked validation code that prevented the mini UI.

- Fixed – Water movement bug.

- Fixed – Other performance fixes

- Fixed – Fog/Haze when fog mode is off.

- Fixed – Cloud morphing with Tomato Shade

- Fixed – Lowered KeyExposure minimums for better HDR bloom tweaks

- Fixed - Cloud morphing with PTA presets

- Fixed - Cloud saturation with PTA presets

- Fixed – Reduced bloom to minimums

- Fixed - Performances issues

- Added – Water wind to in-sim menu

- Added – Experimental PBR controls to mini UI.

- Added - Cloud visibility to the in-sim menu.

- Added – Save last session option in in-sim mini UI.

- Added – Server validation error messages


- Fixed - Tomato Shade and PTA grey panel issue

- Fixed - Tomato Shade and PTA compile error issues

- Fixed - Full compatibility with Tomato Shade, PTA, and EnvShade issues

- Fixed - Cloud texture sync button

- Move - Internal error log files to Document\REX 5\REX Environment Force folders

- Improved - other optimizations

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