Latest Update: 29/10/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v3.0.0.0 (FSX/FSX:SE) v3.0.0.1 (P3D V4 only)

- Added automated Flight Engineer

- Improved altitude hold at slow speeds

v2.1.0.0 (P3D V4 only)

- Added 2D popup autopilot panel

- Minor optimization of VC model

- Adjusted material settings of radio frequency glass to make digits more visible in sunlight

- Fixed animation of landing light extension/retraction to require electrical power. 

Update (FSX Only)

- No changelog given by developer

v2.0.0.0 (P3D V4 only)

- Added cargo model and associated liveries: United, Fine Air, LAC, AIA.

- Added gsx.cfg files for passenger and cargo versions in the DC-8_50 folder. You must rename the files to switch to the cargo version.

- Updated paint kit for cargo version.

- Further improved tank selection initiation.

- Fixed reverser animation so they will not animate when engine not running.

- Connected take off warning to engine three throttle in addition to engine one.

- Corrected fuel pressure gauges so boost pumps don't create pressure from empty tanks.

- Fixed fuel flow gauges to not show fuel flow before valves turned on during start.

- Added pop-up for control of external air, external electrical power, and cargo doors. "Shift 5" to access.

- Updated loader pop-up to accommodate both passenger and cargo variants.

- Changed clocks from local time to GMT.

- Changed heading select coding to allow external nav apps to control aircraft heading.

- Fixed bug causing hydraulic problems when cold and dark flight saved.

- Corrected animation of PT probe heaters switch and associated text on overhead.

v1.03 (P3D V4 only)

-Transponder code digits no longer go above 7

- VOR idents now can be turned on and off with VC switches or key commands

- (For ADF ident on/off please use VC switches only)

- Additional VC performance optimization

- Scanair livery added

- Texture mapping on rear fuselage fixed (fixed on 1.02, but not reported then)

- Cold and dark now turns nav light switch off

- Engine starter code rewritten for some users having problems with starts

- Comm frequencies now display correctly when radios off or in standby mode

- Fixed fuel tank selection not initiating correctly for some users

- AP master switch animation is faster

- Transponder mode switch set to "C"

- Fixed missing INS markings on overhead light map texture

- Better steering wheel texture

- Brightened exterior non-dynamic landing and taxi lights to match view from VC

v1.02 (P3D V4 only)

- XMLTools.64 installer - included

- Fuselage shading error - fixed

- Right side (no.2) INS not drifting - fixed

- Engines not starting for some users - fixed

- Marker receiver switch on audio panel missing click spot - fixed

- INS Accuracy Index degrades too fast - fixed

- INS Hold button not working - fixed

- Missing smoke effect - fixed

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