Latest Update: 01/12/2017


The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

- FMC flight plan text corruption in Prepar3D v4 - fixed

- Crash-to-desktop when using FMC-equipped variants in Prepar3D v4 - fixed

- Prepar3D v4 compatibility added
- Radios not illuminated at night - fixed
- ADI/HSI not illuminated at night - fixed
- Transponder in-op on -53 and -55 - fixed
- Wing flood light switch logic fixed

- Autopilot re-coded for improved usability
- Fuel system re-coded for improved usability (refer to manual for more information)
- Manual PDF updated to reflect changes to software since release
- New ADI/HSI added
- Air start interlock simulated. Engines are started with external power or with cross-bleed if at least one engine is already started.
- Hydraulic brake pressure gauge needle disappears at night - FIXED
- More viewpoints added, virtual cockpit viewpoints improved
- Right emergency bus fail light illuminates with #4 generator off - FIXED
- Altitude alert value now increments in 100ft steps for improved usability
- 21000/22000ft markings missing from altimeter - FIXED
- Outside air temperature gauge not lit at night - FIXED
- Mach meter gauge not lit at night - FIXED
- First-officer mach meter not working - FIXED
- Fuel gauge texture issues at night - FIXED
- Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauges stuck at zero value - FIXED
- RMI needles reversed - FIXED
- EPR bugs missing - FIXED
- Hour hand on clock not working - FIXED
- VOR selection switch on First-officer HSI not animated - FIXED
- Flap position indicator needle going off-scale with electrical power removed - FIXED
- DME indication windows - FIXED
- Barometric pressure setting on altimeter showing fractional value - FIXED
- Radio altimeter has no upper limit - FIXED
- Fuel temperature selector click-spot logic - FIXED
- Smoke detector selector click-spot logic - FIXED
- Voltage & frequency selector click-spot logic - FIXED
- Battery/external power switch click-spot logic - FIXED
- Yaw damper not working - FIXED
- No fuel flow when starting engines - FIXED
- Window reflections missing - FIXED
- Fixed intake stator blades missing from DC-8-62 and 63 - FIXED
- Tail bumper skid too small on DC-8-61, 63 and 73 - FIXED
- Engine starter switches night texture issue - FIXED
- Standby ADI pitch - FIXED
- #3 and #4 generator switches not working on DC-8-62, 63 and 63CF - FIXED
- Virtual cockpit night texture issues on DC-8-73 - FIXED
- Gap in cockpit roof - FIXED
- Variants appearing too small in preview window - FIXED
- Course value missing from autopilot on DC-8-50 and 61 - FIXED
- Landing light switch logic improved
- Discrepency between RMIs - FIXED
- Auxiliary hydraulic pump not generating pressure - FIXED
- Navigator's altimeter missing barometric setting - FIXED

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