Just Flight - DC-8 Jetliner Series 50 to 70

Product Changelog

DC-8 50-70 Changelog
Latest Update: 01/12/2017   The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v2.05 - FMC flight plan text corruption in Prepar3D v4 - fix...
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Missing Text on FMC When Using Windows 10
A font that is required by the FMC is not included with most versions of Windows 10. This will result in missing text on the FMC display. To resolve the...
Paint Kit
To download the paint kit, please click on the download link below.   500MB
I Cannot Start The Engines!
There is a bug in FSX that means that if your last flight or the last aircraft you flew had its engine(s) shut down by either the mixture control on piston ...