Latest Update: 27/08/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Revised version of v1.1.1.0


- A319 – 22 liveries with amended/enhanced liveries.

- A320 – 12 liveries with amended/enhanced liveries.

- A321 – 23 liveries with amended/enhanced liveries.

- Nearly 4500 additional flight plans

- Amended wing_span data for all aircraft.

- Tarom – missing flight plans added.

- Crash when sorting flight plans by departure time – fixed.

- A319, A320, A321 missing liveries – fixed.

- 737-800 Jet2 missing – fixed.

- Missing 757s fixed – TUI etc.

- A321 Onur Air missing flight plans added.

- New A330-300 GE KLM livery

- Revised Hong Kong livery

- “Fleet – 0” bug fixed.

- Compiling option selections now saved between sessions.

- ATR 42 – all opaque propeller blurs fixed.

- ATR-42, ATR-72 Saab 340 holding short bug - fixed.

- "Aircraft Details" data readout in the Aircraft Explorer tab not updating correctly – fixed.

- New feature - Added IATA and ICAO codes to info pane when browsing default schedules.

- New feature – The compiler now has an option to include alternate versions of airline liveries.

New/updated liveries:

  • LoganAir           Saab 340
  • Japan Airlines     737-800
  • Japan Airlines     777-200
  • Japan Airlines     777-300
  • Japan Airlines     787-8
  • Japan Airlines     787-9
  • Japan Airlines     767-300
  • Skymark Airlines   737-800
  • Southwest Airlines 737-700
  • Southwest Airlines 737-800 (& winglet version)


- FSX.cfg Steam version identification issue – fixed

- FSX Boxed and FSX Steam installation duplication - fixed

- Test compile path issue – fixed

- Delete Flight Plan bug – fixed

- Security logic update

- All affected A320 liveries have had their reversed engine logo issues fixed.

- 500+ new flight plans added

New/updated liveries:

  • Peace Aviation     A320
  • Peace Aviation     A320Neo
  • Peace Aviation     A321
  • JetStar Japan    A320
  • JetStar Japan    A321
  • AirDo    737-700
  • AirDo    767-300
  • Solaseed Air    737-800
  • Viva Air Colombia    A320-200
  • Viva Air Colombia    A320Neo
  • Thomas Cook Scandinavia    A330-200
  • Thomas Cook Scandinavia    A330-300
  • Avianca    E190
  • Avianca    ATR 72
  • Vanilla Air    A320-200
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)    A319
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)    A320
  • Ukraine International Airlines    737-800
  • Ukraine International Airlines    E190
  • Ukraine International Airlines    777-200
  • Ukraine International Airlines    767-300
  • EasyFly    ATR 42
  • Southwest Airlines    737-800


- Add Livery feature – cause of error message fixed. Small change to folder selection procedure.
- Livery changes.
- Error: Unknown airspace class: 9 bug when compiling – Fixed. Regional settings no longer need to be adjusted by international users.
- Aircraft Explorer: Livery image loading bug - fixed.
- Aircraft Explorer: Aircraft details display bug – fixed.
- Aircraft Explorer: Flip texture bug - fixed.
- Minor schedule changes and refinements.


- 5000 additional flight plans added.
- New livery added – Vietnam Airlines
- Errors removed from aircraft lookup tables.

- Several fixes and additions to the Traffic App:

  • potential fix for regional language comma/decimal issue
  • option added for manually rescanning airport database
  • additional error handling to prevent “database log not ready” errors.


- Times in the Traffic Global flight plans are now converted to local time during compiling
- Flights are now calculated on flight duration instead of return leg departure time
- Dash 8 hold-short issue fixed
- Saab 340 propellers not turning fixed
- A330 wingtip vortex position fixed.
- Duplicate flights improved
- Some aircraft texture conversions to more performance-friendly format

- Over 50 new aircraft and almost 4000 additional flight plans added, covering the following carriers

  1. Aegean Airlines
  2. Air Canada
  3. American Airlines
  4. Aurigny Air Services
  5. Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras
  6. Boliviana de Aviación
  7. Delta Air Lines
  8. Edelweiss Air
  9. American Eagle
  10. JetBlue Airways
  11. Lufthansa
  12. Norwegian Air International
  13. Olympic Air
  14. Oman Air
  15. Primera Air
  16. South African Airways
  17. Swiss International Air Lines
  18. Transavia.Com
  19. TUI Airways
  20. Turkish Airlines
  21. United Airlines
  22. Virgin Australia Airlines


- 737-700 liveries fixed
- 737-800 liveries added
- E190 textures added
- A380 Emirates texture fixed
- Dash 8 propellers fixed
- “Cannot open AirportLookup.xlsx” error fixed
- Deep Scan BGL diagnostic improvements
- Jetway contact point fixed – A319, A320, A321, 747s, 787s, 737s
- Wizz Air flight plans added
- Spirit Airlines flight plans fixed
- Extra GA aircraft added
- “Spotty” virtual spotter – legacy object added. Enable it via the Options>Aircraft screen


- Missing 737-700 liveries added

- Westjet livery and flight plans added

- GA Aircraft. The first stage of General Aviation A.I. traffic added. On the Compile screen, you can now include GA traffic using default aircraft at three different levels

- Disable Jetways options added - if you need a performance gain, you can disable moving jetways via Options>Aircraft

- 737 contact points fixed

- Long takeoffs improved

- Changes to compiler to increase traffic movements

- Deep scan option added to BGL scan feature

- Installer will run Traffic App Setup Wizard at the end of each install

- More duplicate flight plans removed


- Desktop shortcut added
- Repeated aircraft in Edit/Add Flight Plan screen Aircraft dropdown box – fixed
- Multiple XML entries (P3Dv4) being created by Wizard – fixed

- Two engine aircraft contrails fixed

- Misc bug fixes
- No traffic appearing fix*

*No traffic fix
If you have successfully installed Traffic Global and recompiled the traffic database on your PC, but do not see any traffic appearing in the sim. Please follow the below steps.
FSX/Prepar3D will disable any other traffic BGL files (the files containing the AI flight data from Traffic Global) if you have any FS2004 format traffic files being loaded by your simulator. To remedy this problem a new section has been added to the Diagnostics section of the Traffic app that will scan your scenery folders and analyse any .bgl files that it finds in order identify anything that might be causing a confliction and provide options for temporarily removing them.
Please ensure your simulator isn’t running and then open the Traffic app and go to the Diagnostics section.

In the Legacy BGL Check section select the simulator you wish to scan.

Press the Begin Scan button
The scan will now begin and after a few moments the results will appear below and any conflicting .bgl files will be listed in the “Incompatible BGLs” list below.
Use the options below to disable these files.

Restart flight sim and you should now see the Traffic Global A.I.


- Potential fixes for crash on startup issues
- Missing FSX traffic bug fixed
- SAS flight plans added
- United Airlines flight plans added
- Southwest Airlines flight plans added
- Traffic app will now run at the end of installation
- AI aircraft sounds fixed.
- Regenerated .inf files
- Map provider settings now saved between sessions.

Please uninstall the previous version of Traffic Global before installing this version.

If the setup wizard does not automatically after reinstalling, please go to the Options screen in the traffic app and run it manually from there.

Note – this update will overwrite your existing schedules. If you have made any changes, please backup these files in Documents\TrafficGlobal\Schedules and replace them once the update has been installed.

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