Latest Update: 16/11/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Reheat switch now left / right "click" instead of "scroll"

- Lubber Line added

- Turn coordinator added to ADI

- Reheat lights visibility fixed

- Reheat flames visibility fixed

- Gyroscopic heading indicator variations fixed

- Compass heading variations fixed

- ILS autopilot / Autoland tracking fixed

- Cockpit texts replaced with decals for higher resolution

- Logo light added ( Concorde didn't have one but many requests for it ) - Prepar3D only


- PBR external textures now white metal ( grey appearance removed ) - P3D v4.4+ only

- Autopilot and GPS 2D windows added, allowing for NAV1 and NAV2 command priority selection - activate via SHIFT-1 and SHIFT-02 keyboard commands

- Thumbnails added to FSX / FSX:Steam version

- BA 1998 textures registration added

- Reheat annunciator lights on throttle bank fixed

- Paint Kit added

- HSI needle and VOR back-up needles corrected

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