Latest Update: 12/07/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added backwards compatibility for older SAM versions


- Simplified scenery folder structure

- Added eastern Emscher water polys

- Fixed Klinikum-Nord surroundings, added missing autogen buildings

- Fixed some tree incursions

- Made Westfalenstadion landable for helicopters and removed reflections

- Updated vegetation, removed shadow casting

- Optimized and added some water bodies

- Added more static cars

- Updated all custom water polys with new normal effects and edges

- Removed grass decals from snow polys

- Reworked Phoenixsee


- Updated vegetation

- Created seasonal textures to be used with TerraMAXX

- Created neutral winter orthophoto to be used with 3rd party winter mods (JSGME compatible)

- Added several autogen buildings and lakes

- Added animated marshaller and jetways/gangways (SAM Plugin required)


Added following detail to the custom mesh section of the airport:

- Pavement and grass overlays

- Taxiway lines

- Taxiway lights

- Volumetric grass

Changes in city scenery:

- implementation of the Ground Traffic Plugin for sea traffic

- updated autogen

- updated vegetation

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