Latest Update: 30/04/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixes a bug in the scenario: ‘JT V2 - Picking up the Goods’ where the locomotive was being sent onto the wrong line. This issue was down to a piece of directional track being incorrect in the route. This incorrect track direction has been corrected but will only be in place when this scenario is being operated and does not permanently affect the route. This update allows this scenario to be successfully completed. 


- This update fixes a bug in the scenario: ‘JT V2 - Picking up the Goods’ where the scenario instruction was incorrect telling you to couple to the wrong end of the locomotive. The instruction has been corrected and the scenario can now be completed. 


- Updates the Ejector and coasting sounds and includes updated engine blueprints and updated scripts

- Better regulator control and much more forgiving damage modelling

- The simulation improvements make use of a tractive effort v/s speed curve that makes the loco less powerful at higher speeds

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