Latest Update: 11/05/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Improved RAM usage and performance

- Fully functioning ZUB/LZB

- Added ability to save scenario whilst driving the RJ

- Placement of entire Railjet in scenario editor possible

- New AFB – realistic control which makes use of pneumatic brake

- New Railjet design with bicycle stands

- Complete rework of all external models

- Foldable stairs underneath the doors

- Cab in cabcar – all textures and modelling reworked

- Loco information now available in QD consist editor

- Improved automatic start-up sequence

- Release times of brakes adjusted to real-world timings

- All scenarios completely reworked

New features
- Two new Railjet trains (ÖFB and ORF)

- Loco cab – completely new build with new textures

- Animated energy consumption (loco)

- Battery main switch now functioning

- Message showing weight of train at the beginning

- Movable chair in cab

- New cab camera added (seat high or low)

- Settings.lua (Assets\RWAustria_2\Austria_RailVehicles\Electric\OEBB_Railjet)


Further improvments

- Traction of loco adjusted to better match real-world performance

- Reworked change of systems in DDI

- All repaints have been reworked

- New mapping for all models (repaints made by customers won’t work anymore)

- Fan controls reworked

- Reworked door selectors

- PZB: 500Hz restrictive brake curve from 45 to 25 (At traintype „O“) hinzugefügt

- Easier navigation of DDI

- 1016 Series limited to OEBB and DB Systems

- Tool Tips for all switches and levers

- Shadows under all loco’s (soft shade)

- Dimmable DDI

- Script for main switch reworked

- All sounds reworked and completely new driving sounds for loco

- Added short SIFA

- When driving in MAV/Gysev system, correct sounds are played for SIFA

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