Latest Update: 01/06/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- P3D v5 compatibility added


- Aileron trim indicator not moving left of central position - fixed


- Various fixes/improvements to FDE


- Various texture fixes (including to mapping)

- Various improvements to FDE

- Missing livery descriptions added

- Windscreen wiper animations different on Captain and First Officer sides - fixed

- Panel light switch not animated - fixed

- Air-frame de-ice gauge bezel not attached to panel - fixed

- Missing port nav light - fixed

- Overnight night lighting issues - fixed

- Airspeed indicator replaced for increased realism

- Autopilot struggling to track glide-slope - fixed

- Auxiliary pumps spelling error - fixed

- Shadow issues - fixed


- Rudder pedal animation - fixed

- Improved radio panel texture on overhead panel

- Feather pump switches - fixed

- GPU and custom sounds (switches etc) missing - fixed

- EZDOK camera definition removed from aircraft.cfg

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