Latest Update: 24/03/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Added ICLS carrier landing system for SWS carriers, allowing true night / poor weather carrier operations

- Added new GUID for FSX WSO position visibility

- Added split throttles in all virtual cockpits for “engine out” procedures

- Added full MFD functionality to WSO position in both FSX and P3D 

- Added “cinematic” virtual cockpit views used in creation of publicity video

- Added extra external fuel tank positions in Fuel/Payload section ( Left Aux, Right Aux and Center 2 ) for more accurate tank level control


Bug Fixes

- Corrected engine exhaust petal animations to respond to each throttle individually

- Corrected afterburner effects display parameters for each engine to match throttle positions

- Corrected AGM-33 designator to GBU-12 in MFD Weapons page

- Corrected RAAF texture maps and .cfg designation

- Corrected position of Station 6 AIM-120 on F/A-18E

- Corrected Flaps texture map text ( Up, Half, Full )


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