Latest Update: 2024/02/13

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added T-Bird II livery
- Fixed incorrect assignment of 60th Anniversary Pony 1 livery
- Fixed incorrect assignment of textures for the Peruvian livery
- Fixed turn and slip coordinator in backseat cockpit
- Improved engine simulation
- Fixed color smoke assignment to some liveries
- Minor tweaks to flight dynamics
- NWS can now be toggled by the user (requires a key binding to SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT event)
- Fixed minor bug causing GS ARM to stay ON, if FD is set on standby
- Fixed behavior of CDI FD needle if FD horizontal model is on standby

v1.4.1 Hotfix - 2023/03/30

- Fixed bug causing the elevator trim needle not to work

v1.4.0 - 2023/03/30

- Added 100 Anni Special Livery
- Added working backseat
- Reworked external lights rendering
- Fixed minor animation glitch on pilot stick naimation
- Fixed minor glitch in oxygen dilution control
- Fixed minor glitch in gear silencer
- COM1, COM2, TACAN and VOR/ILS Volume Knob are now functional
- Flood, instruments and formation lights can be adjusted
- Nav lights can be dimmed
- Reworked smoke effect colors
- Solved minor bugs in AHRS/GPS display
- Added flaps and rudder to cockpit model
- Redone glass material

v1.3.8 2022/10/04

- Fixed bug introduced in 1.3.7 preventing NAV distance to show on HSI
- Fixed minor bug in HSI behaviour
- Reworked fuel system to overcome limitations in sim GUI:
 Wingtip tanks will appear as Auxiliary tanks in the interface, but at least External tanks appear correctly and can be loaded.

- Implemented CDI for pure TACAN (non-VORTAC) stations

v1.3.7 - 2022/09/30

- Fixed wingtip fuel quantity in MLU model
- Fixed minor text misalignment in DATA 2 GPS page
- General optmization of virtual cockpit code
- Rework of virtual cockpit code to solve minimal incompatibility with SU10
- Basic support of Tacan-only stations (bearing/range only if the station is not a VORTAC)
- Moved flight manual to "Docs" folder, as opposed to a SimObject subfolder
- Draft implementation of external tanks functionality:
By setting a load of 150 lbs on STA2 and STA5, it is now possible to load fuel on EXTERNAL1 and EXTERNAL2 tanks. 

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