Latest Update: 23/09/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


-Added ability to make use of PBR in dynamic livery creator.

-Oxygen system now handles the cargo variant

-Removed old Documentation

-Added new Synthetic Vision for G1000

-Adjusted nosewheel deflection rate

-Fixed flight Hobbs meter not working

-Added yaw damper

-Adjusted trim defaults and rates

-Updated Vspeeds

-Adjustments to stall AoA, pitch attitude during landing

-Tuned cruise speeds, climb performance

-Adjusted propeller low-pitch stop setting

-Improved VR compatibility for pop-up menu

-Adjusted nominal battery voltage to 24.5 V

-Adjusted stall warning horn alpha

-Fixed log errors with FMOD sound

-Fixed AC popup temp/fan buttons getting stuck on

-Fixed G1000-related Log errors

-Possible fix for random "clunk" sound while flying (button03_cue)

-Add panning and course-sync clickspots to 2D G1000 pop-ups

-Added tail stand to wheeled Kodiak to prevent tipping backward while loading cargo/pax

-Added De-ice and Oxygen quantity and resets to weight and balance pop-up menu

-Adjusted electrical bus assignments to split loads across the two buses

-Fixed water rudder commands not working for the amphibian



-Added magnetic compass

-Fixes to Librain effects

-Adjusted structural icing visual effect on lower wing surfaces

-Better support for SkunkCrafts updater

-Moved several user preferences out of "manifest.json" and into separate config files

-Added relevant files to SkunkCrafts updater ignorelist



-fixed some marching ants

-made prop position match prop covers (static elements)

-Applied some more filters for the SkunkCrafts updater



-Fixed rain sounds above the clouds
-Rain sound is heard only when being hit by rain

-Fixed SkunkCrafts updater ignorelist, to try to preserve user preferences like camera snap points, Hobbs meter, etc.


Added blank livery in Documentation folder for livery authoring

Fixed seat belts going through executive seats

Updated and adjusted rain effect

Fixed tire skid sounds, now you need more side DELTA to start the sound

Fixed boxes in the baggage compartment sticking out of the side of the plane

Fixed G1000 autopilot bezel buttons: VNV, BC, VS.   They should work now


- Completely overhauled SASL to become SASL3

- Added expansion pack to base pack

- Added de-ice and exterior surface ice visualization

- Added optional TKS de-ice equipment and switches, can be toggled via the 2D pop-up

- New oxygen system and simulation

- Completely overhauled sound to take more advantage of improvements in FMOD

- Completely overhauled flight dynamics and water dynamics

-Added custom indicated airspeed error, compared to calibrated airspeed

- Added mud flap option

- Added ability to select between G1000 in-bezel autopilot and S-TEC 55 autopilot.

- Added synthetic vision

- Made improvements to VR configuration

- Improved custom annunciator system; the background scales with the number of items

- Improvements to custom annunciator triggers and logic

- Environmental system electrical draw is dependent on heaters and fan speed now

- Rewrite of weight and balance module

- Weight and balance weights can be saved and automatically loaded for the next flight

- "Simplified" engine mode now has correct engine reverser behaviour

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