Latest Update: 27/07/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Almost instantaneous database load time (compared to 40-50 seconds before)

- Database is now handled in a separate binary plugin, separating it from other logic in the plane.

- Back-end is now more similar to how the default GNS430/530 handle the database.

- Compatible with Navigraph updates to the GNS430 Custom Data waypoint and navaid files.

- Numerous optimizations to minimize FPS hit during certain conditions

- Improved file compatibility with file plans generated in 3rd party apps

- Smoother/snappier navigation and data entry

- Increased stability and improved initialization logic (especially from cold and dark)

- Better handling of ambiguous locations for waypoints with duplicate names, both when entering a flight plan and when loading an fms flight plan from file.

- Higher resolution moving map

- Numerous minor fixes (wind indicator, GS, engine indicators, visual glitches in applicable planes)

- Improved "Core" vs. "Custom" G1000 architecture, keeping all core functions of the G1000 more similar and unified across multiple aircraft

- Fixed engine indicator in the G1000.


- Comm frequency changes correctly

- Weather radar

- G1000 improvement

- 3D Knobs enhanced

- Transponder modes added

- G1000 3D screens turns off when 2D window pops up to improve performance

- Exterior light improvement

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