Latest Update: 15/06/2013

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Flight management computer (FMC) added to aircraft as an option (INS and GPS still available)

- Vertical speed wheel rotates in wrong direction in VC – fixed

- Cannot change the numbers after the decimal point on comms radio in VC – fixed

- RADIO/INS button added to VC

- Airstairs are too high compared to the bottom of the passenger doors – fixed

- EPR values adjusted to more closely match real aircraft

- Thrust and braking power decreased to more closely match real aircraft

- Fuel flow and spool-up rate adjusted to improve auto-throttle response times

- Virtual cockpit out of alignment with the exterior model – fixed

- GPWS callouts fixed

- Tape gauges adjusted to display accurate N1

- VNAV label on 2D panel changed to read MACH (as per real aircraft)

- Pan Am logo size corrected

- Missing specular lighting maps added and reflectively adjusted

- Turn/slip ball movement direction fixed

- Windscreen wiper speeds increased

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