Latest Update: 01/06/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- P3D v5 compatibility added


- FMC flight plan text corruption in Prepar3D v4 - fixed


- Crash-to-desktop when using FMC-equipped variants in Prepar3D v4 - fixed


- Prepar3D v4 compatibility added


- Changes to textures to reduce the chances of encountering OOM errors

- Surface position indicator not showing stabliser position - fixed

- Prepar3D v3 compatibility added

- Cargo door opening issues - fixed

- Pressurisation system issues - fixed


- FDE updated to reduce the amount of thrust required for taxying

- Elevator trim movement speed reduced to allow for greater precision

- Fixed issue that forced external lights on (FMC variant)

- Small brake inputs over prolonged periods will no longer cause brake over-temperatures

- Fixed non-animated ailerons in P3D (FMC variant)

- Large 2D pop-up versions of the 3D primary instruments can now be toggled by left-clicking on the instruments

- Reflections/shadows on the 3D primary instruments can now be removed by right-clicking on the instruments

- Fixed APU sound issue

- Increased volume of ambient cockpit sounds

- Added option to hide yokes (see FAQ for instructions)

- Fixed duplicate aircraft issue that occurs if the original Tristar is still installed

- Fixed door open command/engine auto-start issue

- Improvements to AFCS annunciations

- Improvements to AFCS (autopilot) panel

- Improvements to brake temperature system

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