Latest Update: 12/05/2016

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed: Bug where cab light bulbs would be on when light switch was off, and vice versa

- Fixed: Bug in braking system where >85% brakes resulted in brakes being disabled (!)


- New: Completely re-written manuals.

- New: Added ATB train protection system. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL.

- New: Added 'Dodeman' deadmans function. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL.

- New: Completely re-wrote lighting logic. All lights indepentendly controllable, or can be overridden using "H" shortcut. PLEASE READ THE MANUAL.

- New: New driver figure. Driver switches sides based on direction of travel now.

- New: Added switchable instrument lights in cab.

- New: Added switchable cab lighting.

- New: Added four camera positions in cab.

- New: Added handbrake.

- New: Added wheel slip light in cab.

- New: Added emergency brake buttons in cab.

- New: Added working oil pressure, fuel pressure and engine temperature gauges in cab.

- New: Recalculated shadow areas of all outside texture maps for increased realism / eye-candy.

- New: Added new engine shutdown sound f/x.

- New: Added moveable / opening side windows in cab.

- New: Projected lights for the rotating yardlights now light up the area around the engine.

- New: Animated brake pistons on the bogies (outside view).

- Fixed: All switches in the cab should now have sounds to go with them

- Fixed: Made all controls valid in all play modes (basic, intermediate, advanced)

- Fixed: Exhaust emitter now increases speed with RPM so smoke is propelled higher into the air

- Fixed: Exhaust smoke now goes black under heavy tractive effort.

- Fixed: Engine sounds now die away with distance correctly.

- Fixed: Audio occlusion works properly in cab now to muffle some of the engine noise.

- Fixed: Simplified number of sound samples being played because ^^^ occlusion now works properly :)

- Fixed: Engine performance now more prototypical of the real loco

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