Latest Update: 13/06/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Compatible with Prepar3D V4

- Improved installer options

- Fixed issue with Prepar3D V3 where aircraft was not working for some users

- Fire button assignable to a joystick button

- Option to load aircraft in a cold and dark state

- Various bug fixes


- 4 new repaints

  • NX107PJ US version of VH-OPJ (A85-439)
  • A85-404 modern orange highlights
  • A85-444 modern camo
  • A85-364 prototype paint on vintage model

- Fixed rudder trim centre command

- Stores tailwheel locked/unlocked from last used. If aircraft loads in the air tailwheel will be locked.

- Changed prop model switching conditions

- Made exterior canopy glass more visible

- Made engine sounds when canopy or windows open more audible

- Fixed texturing problem on underside of air intake in P3D

- Fixed spelling and various text errors in Animation Manager

- Fixed wing leveller button in autopilot 2D gauge Changes to information in prefs and engine_wear save files

- Fixed various XML syntax errors in models and gauges Added systems text to the Pilot's Handbook

- Fixed text errors in the Pilot's Handbook

- Fixed issues with Windows XP users

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