Latest Update: 30/11/2015

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Service Pack 1

- Disappearing in-cab car train length graffiti when two trains coupled - fixed

- Destination boards now stay as they were set at the start of the scenario

- No driver showing option added for rear car

- DSD alarm sound volume increased

- 'Complete failure' scenario updated

- Door interlock added. This interlock places the brakes into emergency position (indicated not on the Power brake controller physically, just on the brake gauge indication) when the doors are released (opened). When the interlock is in operation the Power brake lever can be moved but it will have no effect on the train. When the doors are closed the interlock will uncouple and the brakes will release back to the setting determined by the Power brake lever as shown by the brake gauge indicator but of course wait for the train manager to give the clear to pull away buzzer signal and acknowledge it before proceeding.

- Brake efficiency increased. The brake force is limited above 60mph. Once the speed drops below 60 full braking force becomes available. This operation is based on the advice of a Class 220/221 driver as to how the real train behaves. We have now upped the overall braking force, and the train can stop in substantially less than the distances quoted for passenger trains in GK/RT0075, the official document which includes calculation tables for stopping distances used in signal placement.

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