This upgrade is for the GWR Manor Class Base Pack and the Add-on Pack for GWR Manor Class.

Please note, you will need to re-install the GWR Manor Class base pack before you re-install the Add-on Pack for GWR Manor Class.

You do not need to install this upgrade if you have purchased this product after the date shown below.


To download this upgrade you will need to re-download the product from the 'Your Orders' section of your account which you can log into by clicking here.

What is included in this free upgrade?

- CJB and Just Trains steam effects and particles driven by a new script, including some just trains 4MT advanced ActivScript effects.

- Optional GWR style steam chest with non-functional jockey/jigger valve operation, and legacy simple regulator control retained.

- More prototypical brake operation, requiring the use of the ejector or vacuum pump (when in motion only) to create a vacuum.

- Significantly dimmed head and taillights that now only produce a very soft glow onto nearby objects.

- Improved simulation by increasing the water consumption.

- Synchronised regulator, reverser and cylinder cock operation between 2 or more GWR Manors and/or Just Trains 4MT Advanced locomotives in a single train.

- PDF manual supplement included in the base pack giving information on the updated features and operations.