To download the Update 1, please click on the download link below.


Update 01

This update for Just Trains Severn Valley Railway addresses a number of minor issues in the Route, Activities and Rolling Stock.


- Platform markers added to Kidderminster Main line station so trains may stop during activities

- Correction of some mis-spellings


- Corrected missing coal texture on 57XX Pannier 5764

- Improved BR Standard 4 Tank 80079 whistle

- Added missing gp_bell1.wav file for Western diesels

- Corrected headlamp light glows on Black 5 45110 and 28XX 2857

- Corrected some incorrect sound file references

- Corrected errors in Dead_GWR57xx_060PT_5764.eng file


- Corrected misaligned axle boxes on some coach bogies

- Corrected incorrect brake type on Gresley Open Coach

- Corrected missing wheels on Gresley Open Coach

- Added missing sound file


- Correction of some mis-spellings

- Fixed error message encountered by some on starting "Rescue Ranger" activity


You will need you original Just Trains Severn Valley Railway CD to allow this update to install.

1. Download this file to a temp location.
2. Ensure Train Simulator is NOT running.
3. Insert the Severn Valley Railway CD in your CD drive.
4. When it auto-runs exit/cancel the installation.
5. Locate the previously downloaded file and double mouse click on it.
 6. Follow the on-screen instructions.