Latest Update: 20/07/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- P3D V5 Support (Free!)
- Dome Light fixed.
- Ground voice Australia fixed.
- Auto connect GPU at gate: FO will not turn on ground power after the power has been connected.
- Save ASDEX position arrival and departure.
- Five second delay added between starter cutout call and time FO will attempt to blank the lower screen 
when using SOP 2.
- New Config Option on MISC (3).  Cabin Release Altitude: 10K, 18K, Cruise or Off.
- GSX Level 2: visible Pilot models disabled.  The pilots will already be on the plane.  They don't walk with the pax.
- Selecting lower engine display SOP 2.... still hit and miss because the FO is blind.  But we modified it a bit.

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