Latest Update: 09/03/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

v1.0.8931 - Windows

v1.0.8933 - MAC

- Fix a number of textures

- Fix a number of eagle-claw animations

- Partial fix for Dash-8 propellers, pending actual model updates


For Windows, simply run the installer. There is no need to manually uninstall beforehand. For Mac, please remove the "Aircraft/Traffic Global" folder before unarchiving since aircraft names may change over time, and unpacking an archive does not remove files that should no longer exist.


Many other plugins have been tested as part of this update. There are no known compatibility problems with any of the following:

124thATC, A-Better-Circle, Autogate, AviTab, BetterPushback, JoinFS, Gizmo64, TerrainRadar, SAM, xEnviro, X-ATC-Chatter, XPForce.

Please note that some versions of xPilot crash X-Plane on startup if Traffic Global is installed and TCAS enabled, due to incorrect shutdown of xPilot when it detects that the TCAS system is already in use.



A new feature has been added to make it easier to find out what runways are in use by Traffic Global for the AI. A new pseudo-ATC call has been added, default hotkey "End", which will use your current active radio frequency (i.e. COM1/COM2 as selected) to find the nearest airport listening on that frequency and tell you the current wind, anticipated arrival and departure runways (arrival if you are airborne, departure if you are on the ground), and will reserve and clear a parking slot for you if you are airborne. Although this is done is pseudo-ATC speech IT IS NOT A FULL ATC SYSTEM :)

This release is also the first release for the Apple Mac.

Known problems:

- The Dash8 propeller may not be visible at certain RPM ranges - this is awaiting a model fix.

- Transitions between certain go-around/circuit legs are not smooth.

- Airports with poorly-defined taxi routes may still use unnecessarily sharp corners.

- If you are using an external weather engine such as xEnviro, correct weather may not be set for a minute or so after the simulator starts. This will affect runway-in-use for aircraft initialised during this period.

- The custom map layers will re-enable themselves if you disable them, each time X-Plane loads new scenery. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10498 and can not be worked around.

- Custom views do not respond correctly in VR. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10412.

- If very few aircraft are nearby, additional false aircraft are reported via TCAS. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10434.


- Add an optional legend to the flight plan view.

- Fix some minor timing issues which may cause strange AI movement

- Fix timing and improve duration of engine spool-up/down sounds.

- Remove some useless warnings from the X-Plane logfile.

- Reduce likelihood of sudden turns during pushback.

- Force-map Doha airport from OTBD to OTHH since X-Plane still has DOH mapped to OTBD.

- Force-map Istanbul airport IATA/ICAO codes to override X-Plane's data which is out of date.

- Add a small variation to departure times to avoid a row of aircraft all moving at precisely the same time.

- Small fixes for wheel rotation animations.

- Fix for nested, scaled, animated translations in the model converter

- When scanning for alternative aircraft don't bother checking the base model twice.

- Add AT7 to aircraft equivalency list with ATR and AT4.

- When finding alternative aircraft, also try airline names with "Airlines", "Airways", "Air", "Aviation" and "Aereas" appended.

- Fix bug which might result in double-freeing locations immediately after parking.

- Minor edits to two airline names

- Add basic radio-based information about active runway and parking.

- Aircraft substitution may not always find a valid aircraft if the sought airline is completely unrecognised.

- Enable dual-runway operation at airports that would suit it but which are misconfigured.

- Potential fix for a rare random crash.

- Always remove a parked AI aircraft if the player requests parking.

- Work around several airport data issues to include more in the database.

- Potential fix for a rare crash

- Add runway-in-use info to the Flight Plan display

- Animations were often not being reset when time was moved backwards.

- Fix animations including resting pitch being wrong after manually moving time backwards.

- Keep the nav lights on unless the aircraft is fully parked.

- Add EULA for the Mac version

- Stop AI-centered views switching themselves off under some conditions when external weather engines are installed.

- Add a guess at which module caused a crash for Windows.

- Change displayed units from meters to feet to be consistent.

- Some corrections for the German translation.

- Add an option to select between metric or imperial units.

- Handle different transparencies on the same texture in model converter.

- Add temporary monocolour substitute for separate glass texture.

- Change pitch on approach and landing

- Slave computers would not reconnect if the plugin was disabled then re-enabled.

- Build dataref arrays on the background thread to remove framerate drop when in use by other plugins.

- Adjust approach and landing profiles when approaching against the active flow.

- Show the glideslope in more detail after approach 80% complete.

- Improvements to landing profiles

- Merge weather changes slowly to minimise active runway changes

- Prefer purpose-specific parking slots over those with no purpose restrictions.

- Fix sudden jump in speed after wheel retract under some circumstances

- Updated French translations

- Fix units for several particle effects

- Add missing translation key for "Online Help"

- Correct description of runway selection keys for runway-to-aircraft view

- Fix a number of 737-300 textures



- The custom map layers will re-enable themselves if you disable them, each time X-Plane loads new scenery. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10498 and cannot be worked around.

- Custom views do not respond correctly in VR. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10412.

- If very few aircraft are nearby, additional false aircraft are reported via TCAS. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10434.


- Change the module name from '64\win.xpl' to 'win_x64\Traffic Global.xpl' in line with the current recommendations.

- Compatibility fix for librain in VR.

- Add option to totally remove map layers.

- Correct the spatial cell index count in the BGL.

- Fix missing green nav light on B757-200-PW

- Add about 50 more airline records.

- Fix Norwegian Air Shuttle ICAO code (was NAS, corrected to NAX)

- Validation options in debug mode.

- Add a workaround for X-Plane bug XPD-10497, a random crash when drawing the map after new scenery has loaded.

- Small performance improvement for dataref access

- Add flight phase dataref

- Support CPUs older than 2011.

- Disable the folder browser in the installer when updating to a new version.


Known issues currently being looking into:

- The Dash8 propeller may not be visible at certain RPM ranges - this is awaiting a model fix.

- Transitions between certain go-around/circuit legs are not smooth.

- Airports with poorly-defined taxi routes may still use unnecessarily sharp corners.


- Update all aircraft gear contact positions

- Revised checks on airline name/code matches.

- Small change to airline determination where multiple airlines share the same IATA code.

- Add gear/ground positions to the debug-mode screen overlay.

- Ensure parking spots are drawn behind text on the flight plan view.

- Add missing localisation string.

- Minor change to resting angle calculations.

- Additional stability checks around map layer drawing.

- Aircraft could be assigned to parking which was later determined to be unusable.

- Automatically move the Flight Plan view if a new flight is started at a different airport.

- Add Help option to the plugin menu.

- Radar/Departure/Plan windows now show correctly in VR.

- Several stability changes.

- Add full list of plugins, dates and versions if available to the log when a crash is recorded.

- Add notice to the screen when TCAS is switched on, but blocked by another plugin.

- Reduce gap between landing and taking-off aircraft.

- Aircraft shouldn't wait if they are only passing nearby or through a runway access taxiway, if they don't intend to enter the runway.

- Several improvements to movement around airports and airborne avoidance.

- Change altitude profile for long cruise legs.

- Change acceleration profile.

- Potential fix for crashes on or near startup with certain third-party airports installed.

- Fix for rare crash under unpredictable circumstances.

- Fix for rare crash when removing a flight leg that has got too short to use.

- Aircraft should no longer disappear when taxying close behind them.

- Fix several aircraft models with missing airline codes

- Change how taxying speeds are calculated near corners.

- Airline name changes

- Fix a small number of A320s being unable to be substituted with an unpainted variant

- Give the default TCAS object an explicit model to fix the map icon and also the random spinning after handing them back to X-Plane.

- Re-enable TCAS correctly if the entire plugin was disabled and re-enabled.

- Fix for the first few moments of TCAS.

- Correct the airline codes for some 788/789 models.

- Prevent the pitch from briefly going to 90 degrees during the transition from approach to taxi at some airports where the exit taxiway was at a significantly different height to the touchdown point.

- Allow slightly more time when slowing down for sharp corners

- Fixes for aircraft with certain undercarriage configurations in the first few seconds of pushback.

- Add 717 paintkit texture

- Control sections on the departure board and radar were causing unclickable regions if the window was closed using the red dot.

- Correct wingspans and therefore parking allocations for several aircraft types.

- Show a light border around parking which is reserved for a specific airline on the flight plan board.

- Build process changes to use MSM instead of vc_redist.exe

- Publish datarefs explicitly to DatarefEditor


- Add landing lights to all models. Fix some visibility rules for other lights.
- Add taxi lights and orient nav lights correctly.
- Fix a timing-related problem making certain aircraft skip taxying on initial startup.
- Fix "Loading airports 0%" when scenery for PowerPC Macs is installed.
- Use thread-local OpenAL context to prevent positional audio interfering with other plugins.
- Correctly pass camera control to other plugins if not using a TG camera.
- Change lighting logic.
- Scale lights according to aircraft size
- Adjust engine exhaust slightly.
- Workaround for model bugs in the B772/B772F .
- Workaround for XP bug which was affecting interaction with other camera plugins.
- Keep a minimum speed on propeller RPM at low throttle
- Updated French translations.
- Highlight a cause of bad time/position calculations.
- Fix engine location bug in B772/B772F
- Potential fix for random crash when replacing aircraft.
- Fix certain aircraft being invisible when "Allow Substitutes" is disabled.
- Update the airline list and traffic database.
- Only show taxi lights when it's dark. Vary the exact time per aircraft.
- Check for intersecting runways.
- Several updates for DataRefs/third-party access.
- Improved classification of cargo aircraft.
- New schedules, new paintkits for freighters.
- Correct the names for Vueling A319 and Nordwind A321
- Fix corrupt text or crash when Flight Board is open.
- Fix lightmap on A300-600F
- Flight board could show incorrect flights under some circumstances
- Handle cases where the source data uses passenger a/c for freight routes.
- Add handling for military-only runways.
- Fix a problem with aircraft reversing not checking whether the adjacent taxiway is clear correctly.
- Try to hard-reposition aircraft on the ground on startup if an intermediate waypoint is not yet ready for use.
- Show unusable parking on the Flight Path view
- "Loading Airports" progress may not always have been correct
- Pushback may not always have headed for the correct taxiway section.
- Update traffic database to include more freight flights with correct aircraft codes.
- Stop taxiway sections being repeated if the AI is repositioned on initial startup.
- Save settings immediately when the settings dialog is closed.
- Small update to airline names.
- Use different method of setting flight level.
- Corrections to some more airline names.
- Several changes to improve calculation of clearance on approach.
- Add Tab hotkey to the radar to toggle between always-show, always-hide and auto-hide the side panel.
- Fix classification and add freighter for BAe146
- Add paintkit for ATR72 Freighter
- Fix model name for Finnair A321
- Add paintkit for A319 Freighter
- Further improvements to separation.
- Update French translations.
- Fix a previous-waypoint curve not being displayed correctly in the Flight Path View
- Major change to aircraft avoidance.
- Fix visual bug with some engine parts.
- Fix logic bug allowing aircraft to start too close to each other on takeoff.
- Increase clearance distance from the user's aircraft
- Fix some edge-cases for avoidance.
- Fix lit texture on Saab S340
- Double-sided polygons - typically propellers - converted correctly.
- Add PBR textures for A319
- Change some eagle-claw animations
 - Refinements for go-around


- Update license entry to be on a separate dialog instead of using password fields in the main settings.

- The installer now fully validates the installation path before passing it back to the base installation system.

- Change the height of the settings dialog.

- Simplify runway access rules.

- Fix a bug in some situations when splitting route legs which already have speed change instructions.

- Clear all location reservation/occupation records for en-route sections in case they were entered out of sequence e.g. time-shift.

- Use additional datasources when processing traffic. More airports included.

- Always query ground altitudes for taxiway connecting points on demand.

- Don't animate if the aircraft is still awaiting more environment information.

- Fix some errors when detecting whether a taxiway point can be entered.

- Allow aircraft to be repositioned after time-shifting.

- Several crash/freeze fixes.

- Change braking distance calculations.

- Gear and pitch animations are now correctly timed for the takeoff run length.

- Fix display of radar and departure board when using 150%/200% UI size.

- Radar is now oriented to your aircraft instead of north.

- Takeoff distance required increased significantly for class A/B aircraft.

- Potential compatibility improvement for some TCAS systems.

- AI label font scale was not being re-loaded.

- Change runway flow rules to basic X-Plane rules - first flow, first runway.

- Change method of determining access order for taxiway nodes.

- Was clearing the aircraft blockee/blocker lists too early.

- Place more emphasis on following aircraft moving in the same direction.

- Fix two aircraft config files not being read correctly.

- Adjustment to runway allocation.

- If a flight is reset for any reason, reset the player's current airport and parking immediately.

- User parking was not guaranteed to be correctly updated if it was already allocated when manually resetting the flight.

- Re-evaluate taxi pathing for every new segment.

- Separate missing livery report into "Same Airline" and "Unpainted".

- Some model names changed to improve matching.

- General fix for duplicated or misplaced engine effects.

- Model-specific fix for B717 effects.

- Make airline matching more flexible.

- Avoid problem in X-Plane with limit of 10 emitters per aircraft.

- Model-specific fix for B772 effects

- Model-specific fix for B747-800F effects.

- Add bindable hotkeys for increasing/decreasing traffic density.

- "Allow Substitutes" now only restricts unpainted models.

- Default for "Allow Substitutes" is off.

- Provide a dummy TCAS aircraft.

- If TCAS is enabled on XP startup, set the flight and prefs correctly.

- Restrict QNH to 940.0 to 1060.0.

- Add spill lights to most aircraft.

- Model-specific fix for B788 which had two red nav lights.

- Add lights to 733, 737, 752, 788, CR2, CR7, DHC3, F70, F100, MD80 and S340, AN225 models.

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