The PA-38 Tomahawk is a very light aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of less than 1,700 lbs (700 kg) so it should be expected that the aircraft is more susceptible to wind compared to larger, heavier aircraft. 

If you wish to reduce the effect wind has on the aircraft, this can be adjusted in MSFS Options > Assistance Options > Piloting > Turbulence. Based on real-world pilot feedback, we would recommend setting this value to LOW or MEDIUM. 

The Tomahawk’s maximum crosswind component is also only 15 knots, so it is always important to make note of the wind speed prior to flight. We would recommend checking the wind speed using the wind displays on the ‘Aircraft’ page of EFB/Tablet. The wind that is generated in the simulator can be as much as 10 knots greater than the wind that is reported by the METAR and/or ATIS.