Latest Update: 2023/01/25

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Added Library.xml back into checklist to see if it fixes no-checklist bug on Xbox.


- Fixed a vector that could cause harrier climb vertically even idle.

- Limited the maximum rotational acceleration caused by rudder deflection on hover to limit the degrees per second caused by it in addition to crosswind

- Changed the physics of movement during hover via equations of angular acceleration on the 3 axes of rotation. That means that both the control surfaces, such as throttle, nozzle rotation and adverse weather effects will apply rotational acceleration. In this way, the Harrier will no longer be a static aircraft during hover, but will need stick and throttle corrections to remain stable as per real life.

v0.3.0 - 2022/12/01

- implemented CFD simulation

- fixed Speedbrake not working as intended

- fixed undesired throttling backwards behaviour when hovering 

- fixed crew visibility switch

- fixed LIDS fence behaviour

- updated checklist

- fixed windshield switch working reversed

- fixed brakes not working correctly on ground altitudes beyond Sea Level.

- Fixed IMAGE for some users displaying it at 2/3 of the screen size.

- toned down the blue tone on the HSI so it's not as vibrant to the eye and overall flight model revision

- Improved wind vane animation code

- Improved oleo gear compression value when on ground

- Improved spoiler code for graduated extension against Mach

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