Latest Update: 2202/03/08

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- New smoother propeller animations. Recent testing has shown that the default code for prop animation operates at only 18 fps. Custom code in the Drifter now animates the props at the same rate as the sim which produces smoother animation.

- Fixed key commands for the fuel pump

- Fixed GPS on/off key

- Modified engine sounds so less high frequencies are rolled off when viewing front on in the external camera.

- Improved VR cockpit interactivity

- Fixed issue with windshield rain effects not showing

- Changed the way pilot visibility is handled. Users creating custom cameras shouldn't need to do any editing to show the pilot. If you do need the pilot model to be visible in your custom camera view add NodesToHide ="XMLVAR_PilotShown" to the camera definition.  XMLVAR_PilotHidden is no longer used.

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