Latest Update: 2023/03/20

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- PCU System: PEC lights will come up on overspeed >1060 

- PCU System: After engine failure with prop unfeathered, rpm will slowly drop to 400 (IAS dependent) 

- Oil System: When alt feather pump is activated, the system will not delay the feathering due to oil pressure 

- FADEC System: Fixed the PEC failure detection due to overspeed 

- C&L system: ELEVATOR FEEL will light when all 3 systems power the elevators 

- C&L system: Master warning will blink with C/L test 

- C&L system: No more FADEC caution light when the engine failure externally triggered 

- C&L system: Caution lights will go out faster after N3 hydraulic system test completed 

- Navigation system: Allow Back Course for the same ILS/LOC frequency for both runways, when the flight sim scenery has correct nav aids. 

- Flight Dynamics: Fixed the problem with aircraft crash or going underground when positioned on some airports 

- Added EDP failure to the POWERPLANT page 


- Corrections to linking logic between the Leg types 

- Various improvements of STAR/IAP linking logic 

- Re-design of the VNAV logic and the FAF identification logic • Re-design of the altitude calculations for VNAV 

- Flight plan pages: ETE/ETA and altitude will not be shown on some legs where it can not be calculated 

- Fixed incorrect holding entry type detection 

- FPL arrive / FPL depart pages will insert the procedure when FPL key is pressed 

- Added RAIM error factor gpsRAIMErrorFactor as a multiplier 0.0 to 1.0 to mjc84.ini file 


- Improved clock night lighting in VC 

- PFD: AP inhibit is no longer indicating in place of AP Disengaged 

- MFD: No longer 2 different holding patterns shown for a single holding 

- Standby: fixed baro hint 

- Fixed the TX/RX indication link to the vatsim/ivao clients


- EFIS config data is sent over the network 

- Main gear blown tyre on touchdown will not be simulated with WearOffFactor=0.0 mjc84.ini file entry 

- Force Feedback outputs will be provided with ElevatorInFSXmode = 0 mjc84.ini file entry 

- Introduced new variable elevatorTrimFromFsx in mjc84.ini to control the elevator trim directly via a variable 

- mjc84.ini (Flight Controls): Added the trim factor setting 

- Oil System: Introduced failures EDP_failed[0][1] variable 

- FD type added to the interface to be synchronized between the Q400 and the EFIS application 

- PEC System: published the PEC failure variable 

- Docs (Joystick connector) : published FLIP operator in connector description 

v1.024 - 2022/02/02

- fix to the copy protection algorithm, which eliminates the protection experienced by users of the new Intel Gen12 CPU

- Minor Fixes

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