Latest Update: 2023/03/20

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- PCU System: PEC lights will come up on overspeed >1060 

- PCU System: After engine failure with prop unfeathered, rpm will slowly drop to 400 (IAS dependent) 

- Oil System: When alt feather pump is activated, the system will not delay the feathering due to oil pressure 

- FADEC System: Fixed the PEC failure detection due to overspeed 

- C&L system: ELEVATOR FEEL will light when all 3 systems power the elevators 

- C&L system: Master warning will blink with C/L test 

- C&L system: No more FADEC caution light when the engine failure externally triggered 

- C&L system: Caution lights will go out faster after N3 hydraulic system test completed 

- Navigation system: Allow Back Course for the same ILS/LOC frequency for both runways, when the flight sim scenery has correct nav aids. 


- Corrections to linking logic between the Leg types 

- Various improvements of STAR/IAP linking logic 

- Re-design of the VNAV logic and the FAF identification logic • Re-design of the altitude calculations for VNAV 

- Flight plan pages: ETE/ETA and altitude will not be shown on some legs where it can not be calculated 

- Fixed incorrect holding entry type detection 

- FPL arrive / FPL depart pages will insert the procedure when FPL key is pressed 


- Improved clock night lighting in VC 

- PFD: AP inhibit is no longer indicating in place of AP Disengaged 

- MFD: No longer 2 different holding patterns shown for a single holding 

- Standby: fixed baro hint 

- Fixed the TX/RX indication link to the vatsim/ivao clients 

v1.023 - 2022/02/02

- fix to the copy protection algorithm, which eliminates the protection experienced by users of the new Intel Gen12 CPU

- Minor Fixes

v1.020a: - 2017/12/04


- Shared Cockpit: Debouncing is improved on the LSK8 key of the ARCDU (to switch the transponder mode)  (PRO)

- FMS graphic artefacts fixes

- Alternate gear release: inhibit switch is not required to open the nose gear doors by pulling the release handle

- ND: Improved overlay display logic

- ELEVATOR ASYMMETRY incorrect light fixed

- EFIS: CRS1/CRS2 tooltip course will be from the NAV, if FMS is selected

- ARCDU, FMS Tune page: increased ADF range to 1999kHz

- Numerous fixes to the mouse acceleration in rotating knobs

- EFIS FC system page: Fine tuned the rudder indication to correspond exactly to the real aircraft indication

- PFD graphics fixes SYSTEMS

- FlightControls: Steering NSW system activation delay of 7 seconds is implemented

- CEGPWSSystem: WarningGenerator: 4B mode (flaps) will account for flaps override switch

- AFCS: GA button modes activation is fixed

- CAntiiceSystem: Engine door lights stay lit without electrical power, fixed

- Flight Controls: Fixed the rudder travel restriction versus flaps, when the rudder sensitivity factor in the mjc84.ini is below 1.0

- Flight Controls: Free steering is added (free caster mode)

- mjc84.ini: added TillerDeadZone variable to tune the dead zone for the steering tiller

- PCU AUPC module: added delay of 1/2 seconds prior to feather protection, to prevent inadvertent feather for the props in flight

- Electrics: DC BUS TIE will not close if both DC Gens failed

- Engine control: Re-written the mouse drag procedure of the Condition Levers sync with the simconnect

- FMS: Fixed the incorrect MAP elevation detection

- FMS TUNE page: Fixed entering ATC code 0001-0004 result in memory selection

- FMS ETP/PNR: Fixed incorrect FOB fuel kg input on page 2 (PRO)

- FMS: Added EXITS page under SERVICES

- FMS: 7 seconds unilink delay instead of 1 second (to improve the shared cockpit sync)

- FMS: Fixed the incorrect index for waypoints beginning with NAN

- Nav system: Navaids data will be re-loaded after the aircraft reposition

- TCAS system: Added audio warning supression for <400ft on approach and <600ft on departure- TCAS System: Will not initialize to TA/RA on the ground and <900 ft agl

- TCAS System: INCREASE DESCEND is blocked <1450ft

- HGS: Forcing the windshield non-transparent to increase the "IMC" effect triggered from the System Panel

- Maintenance: Refinements to the wear-off (random failures)

- NAV framework: Migrated the database from the MS Access to SQL Lite format  APPS:

- Syspan: Removed the restriction for the systems which can be used by the user pages, and added the restriction of 3 pages limit (PRO)

- Syspan: Additional failures on the avionics page (PRO)

- Syspan: Added failure re-set buttons on all of the pages DOCS:

- syspan specification: Added failure0TextValue to the page specification


- Sound System: Fixed the incorrect engine sound source positions in the exterior view- Sim integration: Added Prepar3D V3.4 compatibility



- Added ALT OFF mode on pitch wheel change during ALT mode

- Changing preselected altitude in ALT Acquire mode will re-select ALTSEL and engage the PITCH mode  


- EGPWS: bank angle test will not be performed if already done prior to saving the situation

- Main Gear: Included the blown tyre simulation and breaking alterations on hard touchdown

- Pressurization: Opening emergency hatch will depressurize the aircraft

- Pressurization: Bleed air packs will be able to provide the air to the other side air-condition units

- Electrics: APU DC Gen Voltage reduced by 0.5V to simulate correct load

- Electrics: STBY Battery will no longer disconnect from LEFT MAIN BUS during battery assisted engine start

- Electrics: Fixed strobes and position lights working without power

- Electrics: AUX PUMP will no longer be able to operate without AC power

- Electrics: IAS Mismatch will cause Elevator Trim and Elevator Feel C/Ls to come on

- MTOP button- an alternate function is implemented

- ADC: ADC will restore the last qnh after test

- Hydraulics: Normal braking and steering will no longer work without hydraulics

- AFCS: AFCS mode Acquire flag in LNAV mode only comes when LNAV is engaged

- AFCS: FD: Fixed the oscillations with manual FD flying on high Mach in VS submode

- AFCS: Fixed incorrect pitch during ALT to PITCH reversion due to PITCH WHEEL

- Anti-ice: Fixed the airframe - boot inflation sequence on the wings step 3

- Sound: Modified Engine sounds to make the Nh sound cone prop rpm dependent

- Sound: Chime will only repeat after previous chime ended (Seat belts case)

- Flight Surfaces: Spoilers indicator fixed inboard with outboards indication

- Blown tires will replace itself after spending 20 minutes on the ground with engines off (accounted for simRate)

- Steering: Restored tiller input discrimination 


- Fixed the PVOR page

- Added Crossfill progress indication

- TUNE Page is fully re-designed

- Holding will correctly terminate if PROCEED is allowed upon the next passing of the holding waypoint

- Info page: Fixed the bug of forcing every waypoint to be of type NAV, added the correct waypoint type identification

- ListAirways page: Fixed incorrect airway to waypoint designation

- VNAVPage: Fixed VNAV offset functionality

- VNAVPage: Target VS indication will be replaced with VS estimate with 45 seconds intervals during VNAV operation

- VNAVPage: Fixed VNAV disconnect message on Cruise mode activation

- FPLPage, FPLTemplate, LISTPage: each next fpl page will begin with the last waypoint from the previous page

- FPLDepart, FPLArrive pages will show the last data. Added MENU function

- FPLArrive: Cursor will move to approach select line after STAR is selected

- FPL: Fixed the NO LINK indication

- FPL: Manually entered altitude for waypoint will read as @

- FPL: Disallow entering the altitude less than specified at waypoints with restriction @orAbove

- FPL SUMMARY: Fixed local time calculation

- Fuel Page 1: Changing average pax weight on fuel menu page will update pax total weight on fuel page 1

- Fuel page 1: total reserve will show is all 3 (alternate, holding, reserve) exist (0 or more entered)

- Fuel page 1: Default setting for Fuel entry is "total"

- Added support for XTK mode

- Implemented the correct FHDG mode function during SXTK operation

- Fuel Page: Fixed not retaining the FF/GS manual values on subpage change

- FPLPage: Waypoint option menu will be cleared when entering the FPL pages

- Fuel Page: Added the correct entry sequence and passenger number/weight entry logic

- NavManager: Fixed the FD leg type navigation and the indication

- NavManager: Fixed the turn-anticipation algorithm in case of flying a holding

- FuelManager: BASIC WEIGHT will be equal to DOM

- FPManager: Fixed the indication of non-existent approach frequencies

- FPLDepart, FPLArrive: fixed airports are not automatically selected upon retrieving the pilot route

- Now possible to open the gear doors on the ground without touching the inhibit switch 


- replaced Hydraulic STBY and PTU push lights with newer versions

- PFD: WPT alerts are magenta with inverse indication

- PFD: Fixed AFCS warnings logic

- PFD: Added DG AHRS mode annunciator

- PFD: Altitude bug will turn to CYAN 300 feet from target altitude

- PFD: Fixed the TCAS test IVSI indication

- PFD: Barometric connection will default to 1013.25 (29.92In)

- PFD: Flight Director is now centered inside the aircraft sign (not over it)

- PFD: fixed the amber arc artefact on the bottom of the attitude ball

- ND: FORMAT button will not reset the RANGE and DATA settings when alternating between MAP and ARC

- ND: Colour of the EGPWS elevation peaks will represent the colour of the respective elevation

- ED: Added AF TEST ABORTED message

- ARCDU: Added timer to DIM/BRT function

- ARCDU EXP and PG1/2 behaviour fixed

- ARCDU Removed ATC STBY setting from the ATC expanded page

- ARCDU channel will switch to 1 after passing 8

- Fixed manual pressure INC/DEC switch on the overhead panel, having opposite effect. Added spring-loaded function

- Setting EFIS screens brightness to zero will not cause them to report a failure

- Stby VHF panel: Fixed the fonts, implemented 888.88 indication on test

- Gear horn switch left/right clicks for LEFT down, RIGHT up

- Fixed tooltip on prop deice mode selector

- Steering Caution Light is permanently off since we don't simulate castoring properly

- Aligned FMS screen with LSKs on FMS Popup

- Reversed the indication on the PTU switch 


- Added support for engine start during GSX addon -assisted pushback

- Setting MSFS Engine1 and Engine2 Mixture according to engine running flag for other addons

- Added beta version of the Prepar3D V3 dll (see mjc84_main.dll.p3dv3beta, rename to mjc84_main.dll) 


- Included the new Control Panel guide version

- system Description guide includes the FPL WIND function

- Added the Performance manual

- Sample Flight guide is updated

- Special Features: included a paragraph regarding blown tires logic 


- MS Windows 10 compatibility- related modifications

- CPAN showing incorrect pages is fixed


- Windows 10 compatibility

- FPL WINDS functionality added to the FMS, allowing entry and prediction of en-route winds. The wind data is used to calculate the en-route time, fuel and range.


- Fixed the problem with Q400 crash on resize under Prepar3D 2.5 when mipmap panels option is off

- Fixed the Prepar3D audio problems in the Cabin views Modification to

- the copy protection, allowing usage of the Q400 under several simulators on the same PC

- Fixed the non-transparent windows in the Cabin views when the cockpit dome light is activated

- Aileron to Tiller control will disengage at 50 percent Power Levers angle, and center automatically for take-off

The v1.014 update includes all previous updates, including the Flight Simulator X:Steam Edition compatibility which was introduced in v1.012

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