Latest Update: 2022/06/13

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed propeller glitch causing jumps at approach settings -Fixed warning chime playing below 85kts

v1.2.0a - 2022/06/06

-Reverted to Asobo's wing leveller

-Fixed TAWS Inhibit reverse operation

-Deactivated ESP system until toggling it is possible through the G1000

v1.2.0 - 03/06/2022

- Fixed missing Ignition switch sound

- Fixed bug where aircraft noses down when autopilot disengages Fixed

- Typo in units of flap autotrim system Added TAWS INH annunciation on

- PFD Modified TAWS TEST warning to not play if TAWS INHIBIT is on

- Corrected idle fuel flow and improved consumption at lower ends

- Implemented custom ITT logic Implemented engine hot starts Implemented

- Engine failure due to overstress, overtorque, overheat Implemented

- Starter failures over time or with abuse.

- Implemented fatigue persistence for engine and starter Specified 0

- Heaters in pilot AC zone Corrected AC temperature initialisation Added

- ESP system Added fuel starvation when flying at 0G or less Fixed

- Propeller drag and speeds at lower end of spectrum Corrected Air

- Conditioning initialisation temperatures Fixed wing leveller

- Functionality Added VR touch controller support Created PFD & MFD

- Cameras Fixed some duplicates and errors in some cfg files Code

- Cleanups

v1.0.24 - 14/03/2022 

-Changed low idle to 54% N1.
-Changed high idle to 68% N1.
-Fixed pitch trim mismatch when disengaging AP.
-Improved Autopilot PID for NAV & LOC hold.
-Increased propeller drag significantly and corrected engine output at lower power settings
-Corrections to AC physics system to account for wind from all directions when doors are open.
-Added TAWS INHIBIT function.
-Fixed overhead reading light casting even when potentiometre was off.
-Various code improvements and fixes.
-Fixed AP, AoA and O2 lights culling in all cockpit variants.
-Fixed inverted VS wheel animation.
-Re-rigged hobbs metre (engine time).
-Corrected stray labels in all VCs.
-Added AI models.
-LOD2 now has dummy screens for performance (all variants).
-Improvements to the electrical system.
-Separated G1000 screen brightness from buttons and made screen fully dimmable for night flying.
-Increased autopilot panel minimum brightness to 2% when on.
-Changed torque gauge readout graduation to 10 instead of 1ft-lb.


- Reduced P-Factor and propwash on rudder.

- Fixed aircraft.cfg entries that prevented ATC from calling out custom tail numbers and airlines.

- Fixed tail flutter happening at speeds over 35kts.

- Fixed G1000 brightness.

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