Latest Update : 22/02/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


BUG FIXES (all variants)

- Flickering light in virtual cockpits: FIXED

- Control column top Ngons: FIXED

- Ailerons reversed in VC view: FIXED

- Cockpit camera left view error: FIXED

- HSI and CDI INOP: Fixed for full VOR/DME navigation

- Cold and dark ramp start: FIXED

- HSI distance and course read-outs: FIXED

- HUD hard to read in bright light: FIXED (see ADDITIONS below)

- HUD AoA bracket not visible: FIXED

- HDG and CRS knobs not working correctly: FIXED

- ILS detection invalid: FIXED

- GPS/NAV switch not present: FIXED

- Fuel flow indicators inaccurate: FIXED

- INOP generator switches: REMOVED (not functioning correctly in MSFS)

- INOP master-start switch: REMOVED (Event Master Start All not available in MSFS as a “switch”)

- INOP Hydraulic switches: REMOVED (F-15 has engine-driven hydraulic system)

- To/From flags missing from HSI: FIXED

- Floodlight switch reversed: FIXED

- Some internal PBR surfaces not displaying: FIXED

- Heading knob working but not animating: FIXED

- Toe-brakes too weak: FIXED

- F-15D gyro-compass acting like whiskey compass: FIXED

- Tailhook handle INOP: FIXED

- Tailhook external INOP: FIXED

- Rain and snow entering cockpit: FIXED

- Throttles not responding at low RPM setting: FIXED


- WWise custom sound set from SimAcoustics, unique engine sounds for Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 and Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 plus internal cockpit sounds, sound attenuation, AI sounds, 3D sound and more...

Exterior PBR effects enhanced with new metallic texture sheets for more realistic surface finish

- Further enhancements to the aerodynamics and engine files (in collaboration with, and with permission of, expert modders "CodenameJack447", "Severus" and "Silent")

- Icing effects added to canopy and windshield

- Mild "tint" added to windshield for better HUD visibility in bright sunlight

- Scratches on canopy glass enhanced for greater visibility

- Anti-Ice switch added for windshield

-HUD power switch added to all versions on HUD control panel

- Fuel gauge read-out simplified to total fuel weight (pounds)

- Hz ADF dial added (KHz dial can also be tapped to change Hz frequency)

- Checklists added to the in-sim Dropdown menu

NOTE: Autopilot remains a simple 3-axis system and does not have selectable VS or ALT. Fly to the required "numbers", activate AP master, then grab HDG Hold, ALT Hold.

Set throttle for airspeed.

Set GPS/NAV switch to "NAV" for VOR navigation, switch to "GPS" to follow a flight plan.

v0.2.0 - 02/02/2021


- Gauge performance issue in virtual cockpit that was cutting frame rates in half: Fixed for F-15C and D, improved for E and I models.

- Canopy Reflections in virtual cockpit too high: Reflective surface reduced

- Missing cameras in cockpit: New camera views added

- I and D models hidden in liveries: Models now all have separate folders

- Polygon shadowing on ailerons: Fixed

- Engine start issue on runway, gate, apron etc: Fixed

- Texture fall back issue: Fixed

- Canopy able to open in flight: Fixed

- Gear handle lever mouse-rect INOP: Fixed

- Aircraft restricted to Mach 1: Fixed, now Mach 2 + capable ( further aerodynamic and engine work in progress )

- Lights "move" from positions: fixed

- LOD models appear at wrong times or too early: fixed

- Polygon shading on control column: fixed

- Landing gear lever INOP: Fixed

- F-15E / I faint HUD: Fixed

- Incorrect hierarchy on throttle switches: Fixed

- Throttles failing to move independently per engine: Fixed

- Beacon light switch corrected to "Strobe"

- Removed wing "G-vapor" effect due to general user opinion


- New aerodynamics and engine settings ( with permission of and many thanks to enthusiast and modder CodenameJack447! )

- New camera views added to Virtual Cockpit

- NAV-HOLD switch added to cockpit

- NAV SWAP switch added to F-15C and D side panels

- Switch material modified for less "shine"

- New afterburner visibility coding ( with permission of and many thanks to SilentG37 and Severus! )


- Several FSX and P3D platform textures replaced, PBR added to cockpit surfaces along with weathering

- Resolution of texture maps increased

- UV maps re-done to support higher resolution without performance degradation.


- Cockpit modeling enhanced, extra detail added to cockpit walls, canopy frame and canopy handle areas

- Polygon and Ngon shadowing issues fixed

- Rudder pedals re-modeled and textured


- TAA mode still tears all and any projected-gauge displays. This is a current limitation within MSFS, and at this time Asobo have not issued a fix.

- MFD Displays limited to what MSFS can reasonably reproduce, no FLIR or RADAR yet that were featured in Prepar3D versions, but working on replacements.

- NAV functions coded correctly but sometimes failing to respond to VOR / ILS frequencies. Investigating to fix for next update.

- F-15E and I still suffering from some FPS loss due to many glass screen displays, caused by MSFS incompatibility with XML coding. Investigating further

how to improve performance, with a view to ultimately re-coding displays in HTML for ideal compatibility

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