Latest Update: 30/11/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Further improved glide ratios and STOL behaviour 

- Added ski variant 

- Downgraded ski & gear variants' engine to 80hp 

- Added floatplane variant with 110hp engine and scythe propeller 

- Fixed fogged glass that appeared after SU6 

- Fixed erroneous HUD readouts in spot view

Update - 28/07/2021

-Added Wwise sound package

-Modified the aircraft to accommodate code changes of SU5

v1.10 Hotfix - 27/02/2021

  • Programmatically forced alternator to the on position to fix battery drain issue reported by some users
  • Programmatically auto-calibrated altimeter pressure upon aircraft initialisation, to alleviate the issue reported by some customers that the altimeter reads 28.00inHg on startup. 

  • IMPORTANT: auto-calibration only happens once, when the aircraft first loads. It is the virtual pilot's responsibility to maintain a properly calibrated instrument from that point on.

v1.10 - 23/10/2020

  • - Flaps: reduced drag, increased lift
  • - Flaps: changed to mechanical and now respond almost instantly to changes
  • - Engine: Reduced aircraft top speed
  • - Engine: Improved engine response across entire envelope
  • - Aircraft will now decelerate at low RPM
  • - Electrical system: Modified electrical system to account for new engine behaviour
  • - Added Parking Brake for convenience
  • - 44N: Modified snow property on some items to make them seem "fresh"
  • - Added some more clutter objects around airport
  • - Changed fuel tank selector setting from "ALL" to "BOTH" to reflect correct setting.

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