Latest Update: 2024/01/26

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed the problem with lat/lon calculations ending up in the middle of the ocean

v3.02 - 2022/03/10

- Change: bring back pilot distance control in P3D V4/5

- Change: AITX AI are always shown in the list and GE

- Change: recordings are always created, regardless of range

- Bugfix: fixed issues with AI formation and intercept feature

- Bugfix: possible issues with the SE registry key 

- Bugfix: l/r/f/b on AiShift calls wrong plane, resulting in NPE

v3.0 - 2020/05/20

- is a complete rewrite with multithreading. This should help with stuttering that many people experienced, especially with the older simulators. With P3D V4 there is nothing to be done, AI objects flutter no matter what.

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