Latest Update: 21/06/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Fixed the contact points for the wheels and the ground 

- Removed glossiness from outside 

- Rear-left door opening animation 

- Added click object for opening the doors from outside (front-left, front-right, rear-left) 

- Added Chocks 

- Added Tie down

- Added a little reflection on the fuselage


- Added GNS430 GPS

- Corrected artificial horizon behaviour

- Solved VR yoke movement, when holding with right hand

- Solved issue that primer button triggered twice

- Fixed control directions

- Gyro CW/CCW switch direction solve

- Rudder and aileron trim fixes

- Updated TMC description

- Starter switch goes back to both after 3-5 sec

- Intercom switches are now working

- Magnetic compass fix

- The pilot moved back a little bit for better view 

- Removed the registration code from the right metal plate 

- Added control and animation for sun visors 

- Added pilot book to the aircraft with the ability to:

  • Reload the fuel 
  • Reload the battery 
  • Set the chocks 
  • Tie down the aircraft 

- Added VR controls for 

  • Yokes
  • Trims
  • Fuel selectors
  • Cowl Flaps 
  • Flaps arm 
  • Carb heats 
  • Sun visors
  • SLV

- Checked and fixed VR control direction for almost everything 

- DME remaining time is showing the right data 

- In C&D mode the front-left door is slightly opened 

- In the air, the door is closing automatically depending on the aircraft’s speed 

- Updated the brake to not only accept fully pushed or fully released states 

- Transponder object animations are always working 

- Changed the HDG knob outer circle color to fit the others 

- Added one more click spot for the left window 


- Improved engine sound not only depending on the RPM, but the manifold pressure also 

- Improved door sound 

- Improved magneto knob sounds 

- Added missing sound for HDG knob

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