Latest Update: 11/06/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Various FDE improvements

- Improvements to exterior model materials

- New thumbnails added

- Australian livery engine cowling textures fixed

- Unique registration placards added for each livery

- Landing gear extension speed increased (VLE is now 140 knots)

- Autopilot fixes

- Throttles now default to idle position

- Circuit breaker animations fixed


- Fixed issue where the Stormscope was not working


- Softened reaction to propeller pitch adjustments

- Asymmetric flight - yaw and roll now both in the correct sense

- Engine feathering - propeller should stop much more quickly


- Propeller feathering animation - fixed

- Starboard propeller pitch angle - fixed

- Propeller textures updated to reduce weathering and shadowing

- Engine cowling texture fixed

- Cowl flaps are now controllable using 'Cowl flaps (open/close incrementally') assignments


- Added custom pump sound

- Fixed lighting issue on the ASI


- Fixed CTD in FSX

- Fixed engine start issues

- Significant improvements to the systems functionality


- Updated FDE

- Minor engine management changes

- Elevator trim - fixed


- Updated FDE

- Initialises the aircraft with the auto-trim system switched off by default.


- Avionics back-lighting fixed

- Disabling engine management (the default option) now enables 'simple start' mode, allowing you to start the engines without priming or risk of flooding

- Standby altimeter barometric pressure setting fixed

- Primer controls are now spring-loaded to OFF after two seconds

- Auto-trim now disabled below 100ft AGL

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