Latest Update: 14/01/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fix to broken track at Dollis Hill on the Southbound Metropolitan Line.

v1.08 - 22/05/2020

- This fixes a missing platform marker at Warwick Parkway station. 


- fixes and issue in the scenario 1U50 Marylebone – Banbury where it was failing to load.


- Various signals fixed.

- Grimsbury Green road bridge added at Banbury.

- Made compatible for S8 Advanced release

Note: This download is a .ZIP file and not an .EXE. The procedure to install is slightly different. After you have downloaded the ZIP right click on the file and select ‘Extract All’ from the list that appears. Select a suitable folder location and make sure the ‘Show extracted files when complete’ box is ticked. After all the files have been extracted, go to the folder where you have extracted the file to, locate the file called ‘setup.exe’, double click it and follow the on screen instructions.


- Fixed various scenery bugs along the route

- Moved a number of AWS ramps to their correct locations (180m from signals)

- Fixed duplicate signal entry on HUD near London Marylebone
- Fixed curvature of the line connecting platform 3 at South Ruislip with the Down Main (was previously too tight)

- Fixed signals on the down main near South Ruislip that were faulty

- Fixed signals on the up main near Wembley Stadium that were faulty

- Re-aligned Neasden Junction

- New Neasden station asset

- New Neasden Depot asset

- New Neasden warehouse asset

- Adjusted Princes Risborough station asset to show extended platforms as seen in 2018

- Fixed speed limit issue at High Wycombe (bay platform entry)

- Added new billboards

- Reduced 3D tree count in some areas east of High Wycombe (to be continued)

- Fixed faulty crossover speed at Birmingham Moor St

- Added signals between Neasden and Finchley Road on the Met line

- Fixed grass embankments near South Ruislip so that they now show ballast

- Fixed length of Princes Risborough bay platform track

***Please note that you will need the latest version of the Chiltern Mainline if you have purchased the London - Aylesbury Addon version of the route***


- Various speed sign changes including an incorrect sign at Bicester North (100/60 rather than 60/100).

- Fixing of tunnel decals near High Wycombe.

- Fixing of missing textures on buildings at night.

- Fixing of flickering textures on buildings at night.

- Fixing of lampposts through rail bridges at Leamington.

- Misaligned station name sign at Leamington Spa station fixed.

- Thame Parkway station buildings and housing added.

- Missing bridge textures issue resolved.

- Fixing of assets set to "low detail" in route editor,100+.

- Minor signalling changes.

- Signal "TAB" message added to 1Y45 scenario near Wembley .

- Quick Drives updated.

- Chiltern Class 165 Quick Drive consists now have 2, 3, 4 and 6 car consists.

- Coaches disappearing on the 1H35 scenario corrected.

- Fix to wall near Finchley Road to remove arches.

- London Underground station name signs added

- Platform details added to London Underground stations.

- Fix to Leamington Theatre box.

- Fix to Bull Ring Sizing.

- Fix to Wembley Platform to enable passenger loading/unloading.

- Fix to reported missing assets.

- Fix to Banbury North Box placement (was too far South)

- Fix to Birmingham Bound Stopper scenario to allow doors to open on both carriages.

- Fix to add Haddenham & Thame station building and housing estate.

- Fix to Banbury Platform 1A to allow doors to open.

- Various misc. minor adjustments.

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