Latest Update: 08/04/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Minor text adjustment to scenario in-game description for scenario: 1Z40 – The whistling Pixie.  


- Changes to track properties and directionality at Par.

- Lengthening of markers in Par Yard.

- Removal of grass in Truro Yard.

- Addition of clutter in some areas.

- Fixing of miscellaneous bugs.

- Changes to night lighting on stations south of Plymouth, including darkening of some to remove washed out effect of excess lighting

- Scenario fixes:

  • 6G70 Par to Fowey Clay. Fixes to all the variations of this scenario.
  • 6C35 Aberthaw – Moorswater cement. All scenarios re-created to fix inability to complete.
  • Penzance to Par stopper. Pathing amended to stop being routed via Long Rock Depot.

- Three new Quick Drives added with Ai trains.

- Numerous minor miscellaneous changes.

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