Latest Update: 31/01/2017

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Fixed: LOD of HXD3D and RW25T models

- Fixed: font size of 'HXD' on HXD3D models

- Fixed: flicker of curtains on RW25T models

- Fixed: air brake controls and pressures

- Fixed: some issues when changing cab end

- Improved: some textures such as pc boot screen and loco roof

- Improved: simulation curves

- Improved: Cruise Control - more accurate

- Improved: Neutral Section Control - manual and automatic

- Improved: Stop Location Button - automatic pantograph toggle

- Improved: lower pantograph raised on European routes

- Improved: Power Handle notches on HUD

- Improved: sensitivity of some buttons

- Improved: automatic lights control and less shadows in RW25T room

- Added: popup messages on top-right corner of the screen

- Added: automatic startup procedure - just wait a few seconds

- Added: switch for DSD - realistic or relaxed

- Added: compatible with common signals ingame

- Added: some phonic sound effects

- Added: TV animation in RW25T room

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