Latest Update: 11/07/2014

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Nose gear steering angle too limited - fixed

- Nav hold automatically selected when autopilot is engaged - fixed

- VOR/ADF switches not animated - fixed

- MFD mode and range knobs re-modelled

- VOR/DME information clipped on MFD - fixed

- Various changes to annuniciator lights

- Cabin door still shows as closed when viewed from cabin despite it being open - fixed

- Overspeed light always illuminated - fixed

- Mach read-out on ASI now displays correct value

- Flap position indication on pedestal doesn't match flap lever or flap gauge - fixed

- DC AMPs gauge always in the red - fixed

- VOR/ADF switches on RMI not moving - fixed

- Rudder bias switches are permanently set to off - fixed

- Cabin temperature knob not animated - fixed

Updated ground handling to address issues were users were reporting excessive rolling and sliding of the 800XP on the ground.

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