Latest Update: 04/04/2018

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- Missplaced Dockingsystems

- Missing Shadows at some Jetways, Vehicles and Buildings

- Remove of Powerline at 07L/25R when use ORBX

- Remove Streetlight of ORBX and other addons generating Streetlights

- Add lost ILS and GP Installation at the north runway

- Optimized Runwaylights to remove color anomalies

- Fixed wrong Gatesnumbers at the ground of E5/E6

- Optimize Runway and Taxiway Lights

- Add Building 125 north of Pos V102

- Add Firestation and new Buildings Gateway Garden

- Add optional Orbx GES Season Switching

- Optimized Dynamic Lights

- Change Configtool add-on.xml registration of the Addon


- Release Version

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