In order to use the FMC flight plan from SIMBRIEF you will need to follow the guide below:

  • On the FMC, press IDX to open the INDEX page and go to PAGE 2.
  • Click to open MOD SET.
  • Enter your PILOT ID in the scratchpad (should be a 5 or 6-digit number).
  • Press the LSK L2 button next to the - - - - - - under SIMBRIEF PILOT ID header - this will turn GREEN if it has been accepted - this is now stored in the simulator and will remain persistent even after simulator restarts (you can skip these initial steps for future imports)
  • Press IDX to open the INDEX page and go to PAGE 2
  • Click to open ROUTE MENU
  • You should see FPLN RECALL (SB) highlighted with your PILOT ID under it in GREEN.
  • Click FPLN RECALL (SB) and your flight plan should import; you will be returned to the FPLN PAGE and will be prompted to hit EXEC to finalize the new flight plan