Latest Update: 2024/05/30

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- Corrected missing "hour" requirement for engine repair

- Fixed ALT ARM from disengaging upon ALT mode engagement

- Improved FPM and "altitude alerter altitude" display logic

- Heavy workarounds to restore ALL the previously broken AP functions

- New and improved attitude indicator spin up/down animation

- Texture tweaks of the attitude and airspeed indicators for misalignment

- Complete recode of ALL the knobs and buttons functions and animations,

- Heavily based on existing and new custom events

- Updated documention of all variables and events provided (5+ pages)


- Additional sim CFD logic attributes being utilized

- User steerable pushback towbar

- AOA gauge  ** HUGE shoutout to BAGOLU for the towbar and AOA models!!!

- Cockpit temperature... with visual, and/or audible indications


v1.0.7 - 2023/06/09

- WT 530 is now the default GPS**

- Optional PMS530 is still supported, but is no longer included within the plane.

Just download the latest PMS release if you don't already have it (version 1.0.54 at the time of this writing) from, as well as unzipping the included patch (located here wbsim-aircraft-c172sp-classic\PMS530_Patch) to your community folder.

- Various code optimizations

- Fully functioning static system, that will provide natural failures depending on what is blocked, be it the pitot tube, pitot drain hole, or static port.

- Light potentiometer fixes Specifically the Lvars are no longer valid, and the cabin lights now behave properly using just standard sim events, which should simplify things.

- Clock buttons tweaked to be not so "sticky"

- New cabin light textures

- CDI flag while using GPS OBS mode fixed

- Corrected missing fouling from improper shutdown

- Throttle response tweaks

- Fixed transponder modes not being "off" from lack of power

- Oil cooler tweaks to play nice in warmer weather



Unfortunately this means that some aspects of the AP will no longer work correctly, as well as some of the MD-41s functions. This is all unfortunately out of my control, as the WT code of the GPS is dictating how, when and what the AP sim events do, as well as ignoring cfg file settings.

- WPT and MSG lights on the MD-41 no longer work.

- GPS/APR button will no longer activate a loaded GPS approach.

- The KAP140s UP/DN buttons will no longer affect the APs reference altitude while in ALT mode, in either the 20 FT single press increments/decrements, nor allowing a 500 FPM climb/descent while holding down those buttons, and subsequent new reference altitude upon release of said buttons.

- The APs independent BARO no longer as any affect, and will incorrectly react to the panels baro setting.

v1.0.6 - 2022/12/23 

- CDIs now have independent sources

- Fouling logic tweaks also envolving CHT

- Custom coding added for mixture to affect CHT

- "No Pants" frost fix

- Tie downs/plane movement logic tweaks to behave better in non-flyable high ground winds and the bobbing motion of the float plane in water

- Tiedowns, chocks, covers are now state saved

- ADF needle wobble tweaked

- Center gear compression fixed

v1.0.5 - 2022/11/17

- Pilot weight not state saving - fixed
- Autopilot heading following magnetic instead of gyro - fixed
- Unable to add flight plans into the Garmin - fixed
Use of the PMS data mod is recommended so that the config
and FPLs do not get deleted on plane updates.
- Major file restructure leaving base plane intact - finished
- Ground eye candy added - finished
- Visual effect behavior correctly synchronized across multiplayer - 
- AP baro setting not saving - fixed
- Annunciator test switch interaction - fixed
- "No Pants" plane version - added
- Flight model tweaks - done
- Engine oil temp/pressure logic tweaks - done
- Plug fouling logic tweaks - done
- M803 Clock LT 12/24H format choice - added

v1.0.4 - 2022/08/26
- M803 turning blue and losing display - fixed
- M803 bad text - fixed
- Small flight model update
- Updated WB-Sim 172 manual

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