Latest Update: 2022/12/09

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


- This is just a small update, to once again fix the fuel system issues caused by SU11

v1.0.5 - 2022/11/07
- Emergency update to correct errors intrduced by Sim Update 11
- Model XML files edited to match new layout requirements for SU11
- Barber Pole added for speed control in IAS and Mach gauges
- Cabin lights added to mid and aft passenger cabins
- TAS entry in exterior view replaced with Mach
- Avionics update to ensure correct function of Autopilot and Navigation settings (Flight Plan requires use of INS nav, no flight plan requires RAD nav)
- Thumbnails replaced to match SU11 requirements
- Reverse buckets animations coding enhanced for greater detail
- Exterior unique model crew models added to ensure correct display in flight

v1.0.4 - 2022/04/28

- Emergency update to correct errors intrduced by Sim Update 9
- Fuel line pressures and hoses corrected to match new values
- Fuel junctions corrected to match new values
- Inlet Over-ride switches adjusted to account for new values

Many thanks to MSFS / Concorde users RESETXPDR and LAMELEFTY for their brilliant assistance in diagnosing the errors and fixes required!


- Changes to Autopilot for ease of use of Mach Hold

- ADI animations and code corrected for pitch accuracy

- ADF needles corrected for accuracy

- Flight Director pitch needles repositioned for accuracy on ADI

- Further ILS / AUTOLAND tests at various airports, all working correctly

- Refinements to Interactive Checklists for greater detail and accuracy

Sim Acoustics Custom sound pack updates

- Added missing sound effects for switches, levers, handles, etc.

- Improved wind noise

- Added nose operating noises (locks and hydraulics)

- Improved structural "ground roll" noises

- Improved touchdown effects

- Added autopilot trim warning bell

- Added overspeed warning

- Added AI/MP engine sounds

- Various minor tweaks across all sounds

v1.0.2 - 2022/04/08
- Changes to Autopilot MAX CLIMB ( now pitch-based with new IAS values )
- Further additions to Interactive Checklist to assist in Fuel Transfer procedure
- Further additions to Interactive Checklist to assist in CLIMB and DESCENT procedure ( bypassing MSFS autothrottles problems )
- FO CDI indicator reversal fixed
- Multiple AUTOLAND precision ILS approaches tested and confirmed working ( LAX, Heathrow, Filton, Bristol, Gatwick, Inverness )


V1.0.1 - 2022/04/06

- ADF and VOR compasses animated
- ADF needles corrected
- ADI pitch animation corrected
- LOD01 external model improved
- Autopilot emissive enhanced
- ACFS panel texture weathering reduced
- Window frame texture resolution increased
- Engine condition annunciators animated
- Landing gear retraction animation improved
- Stray polygon UV maps on fuselage fixed
- Air France registration fixed
- HSI TO/FROM flags added for VOR navigation
- FO Panel light knob animation fixed
- Shot handle numbers correct parenting fixed
- STAB / FEEL switches "OFF" labels corrected
- Multiple switch Wwise sounds corrected or added
- FO turn/slip face corrected
- External fin UV map corrected
- Manual updated with new information and instructions
- Interactive Checklist expanded to cover entire flights in more detail (from cold and dark start all the way to shut-down)
- Checklist EPU switch erroneous position corrected
- Multiple switch / button Interactive Camera IDs added
- Multiple MI indicators ( OPEN / SHUT / IN-LINE ) added
- Further refinements to flight model, engines and other files
- Apron.FLT file modified and improved to enhance "Cold and Dark" start procedures

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