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Concorde (MSFS) Changelog
Latest Update: 2022/12/09 The below log shows all updates for this product since release: v1.0.6 - This is just a small update, to once again fix the...
Fri, 9 Dec, 2022 at 2:30 PM


Why is there no INS system and an FMC instead?
The WASM gauges required to model Concorde's INS do not work on Xbox at this time. The INS will be added later when this is possible.
Why can't I reach Mach 2 and 60,000ft no matter how carefully I try?
Because the real Concorde didn't either. In summer, the upper atmosphere was often warm enough that Mach 2 was not possible. MSFS is realistic enough i...
I took off in full reheat and climbed for ages, but I couldn't reach Mach 2 or even close to it.
Nor would the real Concorde if it was flown like that. A proper climb profile is required, as per the manual and checklist instructions. Concorde has to be...
Maximum fuel says the airplane is overloaded.
Yes, it will. 408,000lbs is the maximum - Concorde has slightly more tank capacity than fuel, to allow that fuel to move around. If you  just fill it to 10...
The sound is all wrong. It's silent ahead of the airplane, and really loud behind it.
Congratulations, you're supersonic, and out-pacing your own sound.
The textures are low-res on the AFCS and some areas of the cockpit.
These will be improved in a future update, now that the airplane is functional. We often like to improve our airplanes over time.
I'm at full power and yet Concorde won't climb any higher than 45,000ft?
You're still too fuel-heavy. Concorde often didn't reach her maximum altitude and velocity until the end of her flight, when much of the fuel had be...
Why won't the ILS detect a Localiser or track in when using Autoland?
It will. The problem is that MSFS likes an airplane to intercept a localiser as far from the airport as possible. Accurate intercepts for ILS in this manner...