Latest Update: 2023/03/31

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

Technical Update 6.1

FIXED – Preset navigation and installation.

Technical Update 6.0 - 2023/03/24

- ADDED – New spring presets Beginnings and Renewal.  

- ADDED - Updated all presets with latest improvements to support Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 12.

- FIXED – August automated and manual presets not being installed properly. 

Technical Update 3.0 - 2022/06/16

- ADDED– New spring preset named Bloom containing floral trees in many areas.  

- ADDED – Weekly vegetation for July to Automated Dynamic Seasons containing expanded vegetation color changes.   

- ADDED– New content for Enhancements, Northeast Australia Coastal Region. 

Technical Update 2.0/Service Update 3.0 - 2022/04/07

- FIXED – Enhanced content installer with additional material.  

- ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Australia and New Zealand in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons.  

- ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Southern Argentina and Chile including the Patagonia region in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons.  

- ADDED – New content for the AccuSeason Enhancements section: St. Barts.  

- ADDED – Cherry blossom trees in Japan for Automated Dynamic Seasons. 

Feature Update 1.0

- FIXED – Double-clicking the Settings button in the lower-right of the application causes application to freeze.  

- ADDED – Functionality to control additional updates to the system without the need for end-user download and installation.  

- ADDED – Functionality to download upcoming specialized regional content without the need for end-user download and installation.  

- ADDED – Enhancements section to the application interface where users can access specialized regional enhancements as content becomes available.  

- UPDATED – Central and northern Florida and the south-eastern U.S. coast to display vegetation that better represents the region. Scenery is enhanced in Automated Dynamic Seasons, as well as all presents and is especially useful in autumn and winter as warmer climate vegetation, which is green, is visible throughout these seasons. This was a highly requested feature from our customers and is now available in the new Enhancements section.  

- UPDATED – Installation and Operations Guide. 

Technical Update 1.0 - 2022/01/10

- FIXED – Automated preset installation.  

- FIXED – Short tree height option not persisting.  

- FIXED – Compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator v.  

- ADDED – Option within the Automation window in which a user can set the desired system time that automation installation is engaged. 

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