Latest Update: 25/03/2020

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


-Fixed letter "O" mapping on the 3D FMS.
-Fixed PFD and MFD textures.
-Fixed tail light position.
-Improved rain effects.
-Fixed Emergency Frequency button logic.
-Fixed cockpit engine start continuous loop and loud wind sound in external view.
-Cold and Dark state adjusted for switch positioning.
-DC% load gauges now working when loading aircraft from cold and dark.
-other reported bugs fixes


-Improved annunciator logic.
-Implemented wiper effect on rain.
-Improved textures.
-Improved ground handling.
-Fixed DEL key function in 3D CDU.
-Fixed range knob for ProLine21 operation for both PFD and MFD.
-Fixed TXPDR logic and added missing modes.
-Fixed missing sounds for switches
-Fixed Master Caution and Master Warning missing when "windows reflection" option is selected.
-Fixed issues regarding ILS approaches.
-Fixed fuel crossfeed logic.
-Fixed Voltmeter bus selector needle indications.
-Added "push" logic on 3D knob to execute change of HSI format.
-Added CVR, HYD SENSOR, and other tests.
-Minor bug fixed.

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