Latest Update: 04/11/2019

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:

WX Update

- If you purchased this MilViz aircraft before 4 November 2019, please install this patch which fixes a problem with the included Wx



- Updated the bundled WX to run under LM's new hotfix


- Re-calibrated OAT gauge

- Added Cº scale

- Edited right panel lightmap to add illuminated Cº scale numbers


- Fixed materials mismatch


- Folding air steps penetrated the aft cabin floor, made a housing for them.
- Hydraulic brake hose was poking through the main gear doors, adjusted them to be not visible
- Minor logic error on magneto switch corrected


- Replaced defective prop blades on each engine

- Added script to auto-register fonts

- Reviewed and made corrections to all panel.cfg files

- Adjusted still prop blades to assume a 20º angle

- Reversed the blurred blade animations with prop pitch changes

- Added animation to still props to assume 0º angle when feathered

- Fixed installer script error that was installing 64bit modules to P3Dv3 instead of the 32bit modules

- Fixed the dark post light bulbs


- Fixed Cold and Dark / Ready to Fly options
- Added control scripts for popup windows of default GNS530 and GNS430
- Fixed lighting for FSX version's lower CB panel
- Animated ADF on/off knob
- Modified green double arrow to respect the ADF signal on/off
- Animated the DME selector knob and edited main and lighting textures accordingly
- Fixed the GTN and GNS .ini files
- Reduced the brightness of the GTN750 screen to match the GTN650 and prevent washout of colors
- Updated fixed AMSInterop.dll files
- Edited the F1_GNS430x2_Panel.cfg to remove the _WX suffix that was causing the frame of the WX to appear erroneously
- Edited the F1GTN.ini and F1GNS.ini files for correct Radio assignments
- GTX330 "Countdown Timer" will now sound a soft chime instead of my raspy voice announcing "Timer Expired". It will repeat the chime every time the timer is run now.
- GTX330 "Density Altitude" is now being calculated correctly.


- Revised Fuel Warning Lights,
- Panel Configuration files updated,
- New Models for P3d V4.2,
- Unused files removed.


- Fuel Flow gauge in P3D is fixed to reflect consumption

- Tail Beacon attached and effect revised to remain in closer proximity to the rudder.

- Cockpit sounds for door seal and fuel pump in order

- C310 Logic for magneto's and startup routine supported in updated panel.cfg


- This update resolves an EDM issue in P3d v4.


- Avionics and visual options can now be set 'in game' without having to edit .cfg files.

Back up any custom liveries and uninstall previous build prior to installation using this installer.

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