Latest Update: 24/10/2014

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:



- GNC255 radio gauge to enable full NAV2 based use. With simulated database update.

- Dimming ability to panel gauges. Three different brightness levels available. As well as off.

- Panel gauge lighting separated from the lighting BUS. This allows gauge only lighting. This means that the gauge lights will no longer turn on with the stock lighting keyboard shortcut.

- Battery correctly shuts everything down including all lights. You will need to return on lights if you turn off the master battery whilst the lights are on.

- Secondary compass removed due to the addition of the GNC255. 

- Added the function of turning on and off the 2D popup via the emergency horizon switch (pilot’s side lower panel beneath the breakers).

- New GNC255 manual

- Updated manual and checklists

- The aircraft is VFR/VFR-N and IFR certified.

- Three new liveries (kindly provided by Thomas Roehl)


- Choke levers modified to work closer to the real thing. No longer are mixture levers during flight.

- Correct trim wheel rotation.

- Improved flight dynamics

- Improved turn coordinator behavior

- Lowered the font size of the DME to allow for larger time amounts. Added indicators once DME is either not tuned or out of range.

- Changed the MD200 gauge compass ring to OBS indicator

- Changed the MD200 from VOR 1 to VOR 2

- CHT gauge maximums reduced.

- All avionics have been added to the avionics BUS. You must switch both avionics switches to the on position for the avionics to work.

- Backlit switches changed to battery BUS.

- Visual indicator for gear added.

- Airspeed indicator gauge texture changed to resemble the real thing.

- Improved night lighting routine for annunciators, gauges, avionics buttons.

- Improved Lighting textures for gauges and avionics.

- Changed emergency lights to cabin lights. 

- Tweaked the STEC-55x gauge textures.

- Tweaked FDE to get a slightly better idle thrust figure.

- Electrical configuration tweak.

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